Guest Post: Three Dog Night

Today was the best day ever!

First, it was cold. Really cold. So, so cold. This is good. When it’s cold, I stay indoors. I don’t have to go outside unless I have to go to the bathroom.

Second, when the door opened so I could go out to the bathroom, I seized a wonderful opportunity to let my tags jangle away. In other words, I saw a squirrel, and I went for it. Carpe diem.

Third, when a kid showed up, he took me to shangri-la. Two other dogs were there, and they barked, and we barked, and they chased, and we chased, and they smelled me and I smelled them. And we were in a garage. Party time!

Fourth, when the Flat Head came to pick me up, I got to ride in the car. It made me squeal out of my nose a little.

Fifth, the Tiny One Who Scares Me dropped a LOT of taco stuffs on the floor. It was a dinner of kings.

Best day ever. Tomorrow, I’m going to run for it again. I hear the neighbor on the other side has a really cute golden lab. Her name is Etta. Woof!


5 responses to “Guest Post: Three Dog Night

  1. Wow, this blog is five minutes old and already has a guest post. Woof!

  2. Cinnamon forgot to mention that he also tried out the neighbor dogs’ kibble during his play date.

  3. hahahaha, that’s adorable! Also, nice to see you here, Ben.

  4. I can’t believe the dog calls Ben “Flat Head”

  5. I love this blog! Glad you started it. 🙂

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