If I Had a Cellphone

If I had a cell phone
Would I talk in the morning?
Would I text from the bathroom?
Or just play Angry Birds?

If I had an iPhone
Would I still need my Nikon?
Would I end up on

If I had a Droid
Would my phone say DROY-OYD
Every time it rang?
Or play Bad Romance?

If I had a Blackberry
Would I call it my Crackberry?
Would I accidentally send love notes
To my boss instead of Ben?

If I had a cellphone
I would text my mother,
I would call my brother,
I would send live pics to my cousin and my husband and my father.
And all over the land.

Well, I’ve got a tracfone.
And it doesn’t have a camera
And it doesn’t have a keyboard
But the baby still knows how to dunk it in the toilet
So I think that counts.



3 responses to “If I Had a Cellphone

  1. Sorry, but my mind keeps jumping to the tune of “If I Were a Rich Man.”

  2. Its crazy to me to think of someone who doesn’t have a cell phone, lol. Though I suppose because I work for a cell phone company I’m biased, but even everyone one in my life, its all about texting, calling, emailing, all on our phones…crazy…

  3. Based on experience, agree with the point that a tracphone is not quite a cellphone.

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