The Vacuum Monster

Why do I threaten my children with taking away privileges when they are misbehaving? It takes a lot of work to think up these punishments, when all I really have to say is, “If you don’t turn your attitude around, missy, I’m getting out the vacuum.” It’s the quintessential threat.

What is scary about the vacuum cleaner? It’s simply a large, booming monster that races up and down the hallways sucking up into its large stomach abyss everything in its path.

The vacuum came out of its hidey-hole today in anticipation of a playdate. Erma and Sigourney both made a beeline for the safety of the couch. It doesn’t matter if you’re almost 4 years or 15 months, the vacuum is the enemy of children of all ages.

Ben tried to help the girls make friends with the vacuum. Reluctantly, they hopped aboard for a short, motorless ride.

I still think the vacuum will make an excellent threat in the future, however.

One wild ride.


2 responses to “The Vacuum Monster

  1. It gets the cats’ attention, too! The vacuum cleaner can clear out a room in a split second! All unwanted mischief ceases even before the evil machine is plugged in.

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