We hosted a playdate for Erma on Saturday afternoon. At some point, the two little monsters (literally — they were playing “let’s be a monster” and running around screaming like monsters at each other) took a moment’s breath and I offered up an art project for them.

“Do you want to make sock monsters?” I asked them. I knew there was a cloth puppet monster kit in my art supply cabinet somewhere with exactly two cloth puppets waiting to be Frankensteined.

“YES!” they cheered.

As I went through the art supply cabinet, I uncovered stickers, tape, more stickers, foam stickers…but I could not find the kit.

I had to think fast, as two expectant almost-four-year-olds were waiting for sock monsters.

Paper bags! Lunch bags could be puppets, right? Some people are super creative and could probably turn a lunch bag into the most awesome monster EVER.

I gave the two children one paper sack each and let them go crazy with monster making.

Each of them used a piece of tape to attach the monster’s head to its body. The monster puppets did not work at all.

I think that is why they sell puppet kits to people like me.


For a finale, grab the nearest preschooler/toddler/child/adult to you and ask them what this critter is. But don’t be alarmed if a fight breaks out.

"It's an inchworm!" "No, it's a caterpillar!" "INCHWORM!" "CATERPILLAR!" RAWR!


4 responses to “Monsters

  1. i thought it was a bookworm.

  2. A yellow worm/caterpillar went through the laundry today. It survived without a scratch.

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