Easy Peasy Plastic Trashtic Clay Art

How much would you pay for a one-hour activity for your child?

I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 for Easy to Make Clay Art kit.

These things are a gamble. They are created for the lowly-minded of us who WANT to give our children art and creativity but fantastically fail at doing so, such that they can stuff into a box items that I:

  • already have
  • do not need
  • are entirely disposable and not at all biodegradable (i.e., plastic)
  • should have been able to come up with of my own volition

The kit contained: nine rolls of assorted colored clay; a tiny, plastic, air-filled roller; a plastic knife (blue); three tiny, plastic cookie cutter type stencils; and a bunch of animal parts in the form of cardboard cut-outs.

It was a bit disappointing.

I could have purchased modeling clay in a variety of colors. We even could have bought the type you bake and then you have forever art. The roller that came with our kit was pretty much good for nothing other than whacking your sister without causing damage.

A good time was had by all.

The only thing that really matters is that Erma was overjoyed to roll the clay. She had no idea what an art-fail this was to me, in that I could not even get the plastic roller to flatten the clay AT ALL. Ben finally broke out the real-deal rolling pin and then we were in business. Not that Erma cared about that either: “Now I’m going to use the tiny little rolling pin. Now I’m going to use the BIIIIG rolling pin.” It was all good to her.

The easy kit says that we will want to show all our friends our creations. We do what the box says.

Flying Flower Monkey

Bling Pig Without Bling


6 responses to “Easy Peasy Plastic Trashtic Clay Art

  1. Erma had a good time. I call that a success!

  2. We had lots of kits like that growing up (most were birthday presents from “friend parties”). But, our favorite craft was making collages from the random household bits and pieces that my mom would collect. My favorite thing to make collages out of were the congregated insides from old-school Oreo packages. I still collect bits of pretty paper, string, and ribbons for when I want to make a project (nowadays, usually a home-made or upcycled greeting card).

  3. The flying flower monkey is freaking me out a little bit. Flashbacks to Wizard of Oz…the horror…the horror.

    • I hadn’t noticed that, but we had just watched the Wizard of Oz. You don’t think? She actually tried to create the flying monkeys? That’s…that’s awesome. 🙂

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