Doctor’s Orders

This is just an FYI for people with young kids out there. If your doctor tells that children with a stomach virus will not eat foods that they cannot handle, this is wrong. This is seventeen kinds of wrong. Plus, you will need to throw away your pillows, your sheets, your toys, your walls, and possibly you may need to move.


5 responses to “Doctor’s Orders

  1. Oh no!!! I hope everybody feels better soon! Not fun 😦

  2. Chloe once had 4 viruses at the same time, she had the Rhotta virus (spelling probably very wrong), a right ear infection, the flu, and something else I can’t remember, but the only thing she did was puke and poop. I had to trick her into drinking podia-sure (told her it was “funny” tasting chocolate milk) to have her ingest anything. She lost 5 lbs in three days. Pretty damn scary stuff, she had to get an iv for liquids. After it was over, I had to pretty much disinfect my house from top to bottom….even had a carpet cleaner in ’cause the R-virus just apparently *lingers* on everything. I got it from her for a couple of days and it was probably the most horribly sick I’ve ever been and that’s including the minor bout of swine flu I had.

    • Oh my goodness. Poor Chloe! We all had norovirus (probably similar) and it was so horrible. (I have anxvomity, to boot.)

      We had the swine flu. That was bad, bad stuff. But norovirus was worse. I fear stomach bugs of all kinds.

      • I’m with you on the stomach bugs. I would definitely rather hack and cough my lungs out for days on end, as opposed to anything having to do with my stomach. I hate anything that makes me puke, which more than likely stems from the full 40 weeks of puking I had to do when I was pregnant with Chloe. Those months of awfulness highly contributed to me not wanting to be pregnant again *ever*. I literally puked morning, noon, and night. My job actually had an extra trash bin brought to my desk for moments when I just couldn’t make it to the bathroom. Ugh. Thankfully Sydney was the no symptom till you kinda find out you’re pregnant baby.

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