Rockstar, Play Your Guitar

A five-question interview with someone I know or want to know. And by the way, I still think she loves the cats more; I’ll just have to learn to live with that.

This month: my mother.

Her blog: As I See It

Her mug shot:

Her questions:

1. How did you learn to crochet/do art? Who encouraged you?

I learned to knit and crochet from my mother. She taught me. She did a lot of knitting. She made all kinds of clothes – dresses and hats and sweaters and more. She did very little crocheting because she preferred knitting. I asked her to teach me knitting and crocheting at different times and she did. I can knit, but I prefer crochet. Lessons lasted about 58 seconds, once for knitting, once for crocheting.

Art – I learned most of my art in school. My mother took art classes when I was a little girl. Sometimes I learned some art tricks from her, like to draw the human body, make 7-1/2 circles in a vertical column. The top circle is the head, the bottom of the third circle is the waist. Also, when posing a figure, the head is always centered no matter where the feet are (running, etc.)

2. Have you ever had anything stolen from you?

  1. My wallet from my purse on an overcrowded rush hour bus in Brooklyn.
  2. A gift I had purchased for a Sweet 16 present for a friend was stolen from my shopping bags on an overcrowded subway train.
  3. A camera (and probably other things) from a garage sale I was hosting.
  4. A pen. In junior high, a little girl in my class (she was really tiny) stole my pen (a fountain pen that I loved) and then reported to the dean that I stole her pen! She was using that pen a week later. My mother was called to school about the “stolen” pen and verified that my mother had purchased that pen for me which was now missing! This child had been at my house a week before. I was sick with an infected leg and stuck in bed and I had all my “stuff” on the bed with me. I noticed she had stolen several items, apparently the pen then, too, and I confronted her. Our friendship ended, and that is when she reported that I stole HER pen!

3. Can you remember a moment/activity/event when you were on the sidelines watching Dad with his kids?

There were many times I was on the sidelines and Dad interacted with his children without me. Piano lessons, driving lessons, shopping trips (to buy me gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays, etc.). He chauffeured you to ballet lessons and mingled with the other parents while you grand plie-ed down and up! LOL. He watched movies with you that I had NO interest in! He designed a summer program for you and interacted with you with every detail that entire summer!

4. How important is your religion to you?

My religion is totally unimportant to me. I was born a Jew and I will die a Jew, but the religion is not there. Tradition is there. A bond with my ancestors is there. Custom is there. But not religion.

5. Tell the truth: you love those cats more than me, don’t you?

Well, the truth is I love those cats. I have always loved all my pets. They are part of my family. But I love my children more. No contest. I love you more than the cats.

Rockstars, near and far:

If you are a rockstar with a blog, journal, or website, allow me to pick you apart into five questions and talk about you with excessive silliness.  Leave a comment so I can get in touch.


21 responses to “Rockstar, Play Your Guitar

  1. Your mother sounds like a fascinating, loving, giving person. I understand she has 2 other blogs, as well:
    Condo Life –
    MTConnect –

    I learn something new from those blogs all the time! 🙂

  2. You can pick me apart if you want to 🙂

    • I would love to pick you apart! Give me a little time to comb through your blog and then I will interview your cousin on what questions I should ask you. I have one question already in my mind. Thank you!

  3. I have a livejournal that I don’t use anymore and a facebook. do those count? you can pick me apart if they do…

  4. I don’t update my blog as much as I should, but I also have a Tumblr and LJ. So, pick apart if you so choose!

  5. Oooh me me.

    Also…this is pretty awesome. I loved this look inside your mom’s life…also, now I kinda have a hate of that kid who stole her pen…’cause that’s just not *done* You know how hard it is to find a good pen?

    • I kind of wonder what became of the kid who stole the pen. Did she turn to a life of crime? Or a life of lies?

      Yay for asking you stuff! I will do so! 🙂

      • Probably a life of lies. Which might have segued into a life of crime. You never know these days.

        And I’m totally looking forward to the question/answer thing. That’s such a cool idea, and I might steal it at some point.

  6. Five question interview. This is a cool idea. I might have to try this on my parents. Or my kids. Family, friends…INTERVIEW ALL THE THINGS!!!

    • I actually asked my mom 20 questions, which was a lot of fun, and then chose five that I thought sounded pretty interesting for a blog, because I figure most people won’t scroll through 20 questions. It was a cool way to ask my mom some things I’ve been wanting to ask her for a while under the guise of blog propaganda. 😛

  7. Ooooo!! Do me! Do me! I don’t have a blog though…. just LJ and FB.

  8. Do pottery blogs count? It’s probably pretty boring. I’d love to be the subject of a picking-apart, though. I love Q5 and the answer here, BTW. You and your Mom are too cute.

  9. You’re always welcome to interview me about my lack of blogging 🙂

  10. you know i’m in.

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