Report Card

My children attend a center for child development. I could not say enough great things about this place. There would be so many exclamation points that you wouldn’t be able to read the text. I would put one HERE! and HERE! and HERE!

Every day, the children bring home a report card that tells me how they have fared. I love these report cards (EXCLAMATION POINT!). Sigourney doesn’t speak in sentences (though she has recently become a fan of the vigorous head shake — NO to everything!), and Erma, when asked what she did that day will always reply, “I don’t know.”

Thanks to the report cards, I *do* know what she does each day. Well, kind of.

See? This is why she goes to preschool; they are much more lenient than I am. I have rules about not carrying food around the house in purses. Rules, I say!


“…likes to hide people in a house and then gets frustrated when she can’t get them out!” This is the kind of thing that makes me laugh when it happens at daycare, but makes me cry when it happens at home.


Made a car out of a chair and keys? Obviously, child is GENIUS.


Peeling tape at the table. This is a great activity that I will start employing on cold winter afternoons.


So now child is mechanic for fire department? How much does this position pay, and when can I start?


May need a bath? I think they were probably being North Dakota nice with this one.


Ouch. Not a good day for the tramps.


I like that she is universally refusing to take naps, because sometimes I am sure that all of her stubbornness and outrage are aimed at me alone.


Whether it says purple cow snack or purple cow shack, it makes the same amount of sense to me.


In case I hadn’t mentioned it before, Sigourney is part sparrow.


You know what the world is missing? More SLIME.


I said she was half sparrow, but what I didn’t say is, the other half is monkey. Obviously, the monkey half is the half that uses her feet for art projects. Hole in pants!


Now I’m just jealous. She’s circling the globe and I’m sitting at my desk coordinating travel arrangements for people I don’t know. The world is ironic.


And now that she’s married and driving around in waffle cars, I say my parenting work here is done. Sorry, tramps!


21 responses to “Report Card

  1. Sigourney also has an emphatic nod for the affirmative, when the mood strikes.

  2. I know it’s minor and and probably just because they’re using whatever forms are handy, but it the inconsistencies in the format of Sigourney’s reports (particularly the meal section, for which I would prefer the more detailed version) would drive me somewhat bonkers. Ok, probably not really, but it’s pretty noticeable when they’re compiled like this!

    (Side note: As someone who has worked in three different daycare centers, I find these reports oddly fascinating.)

    • I’m not sure if you mean because there are two different reports? This is because she switched from the infant report to the toddler report at some point, but they are all stuffed in a drawer and hence this post is not in chronological order.

  3. Yep, that’s it. I noticed they weren’t chronological but I didn’t even think about the possibility that she’d switched to the next age group. I must be too far removed from the field, because that is something I surely would have considered when I was working in it.

  4. Hahahaha, glorious πŸ˜€

    Are those cards normal in the USA? We don’t have anything like this in germany, i never thought of something like this but i like it πŸ™‚

    • I haven’t used all that many daycare centers, but I would tend to say that notes for the parents are common. They are mostly used to keep parents abreast of what the child has eaten, the details of the diapers as only a parent would like to know, and what supplies are needed (extra clothes, diaper cream, etc.). But I like the details about the activities the best.

  5. As a parent I would really appreciate that they add such detailed descriptions of their days…. but I wouldn’t want to be the daycare teacher who has to keep track of who jumped on the tramp, who married whom and who made a waffle car.

    • That’s an interesting point. I already have utmost respect for the teachers. Now you’ve just upped it yet another notch. I am fairly certain the teachers at their school are superhuman. Their super power is patience. And apparently detailed observance. πŸ™‚

  6. I have got to ask my sister if they do these where she teaches preschool/daycare. Seems like a lot of work to not only keep track of it all, but then find time to write it down! I am sure there are other kids that have reports that say “Nathan bit Sally on the back today.”

    Also, jumping on tramps is the most unfortunate use of abbreviation I have seen in a long time.

    • They would never word it like that. They would say, “Nathan had trouble keeping his teeth to himself today.” But I’ve never heard of any biting going on. I’ve heard of hurting hands on occasion, but generally, I think they have a good group of kids over there. πŸ™‚

  7. Oh man those comments are awesome! I love “319-jump on tramp” hahaha!

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