Coffee in a Carton

Milk comes in a carton. Orange juice comes in a carton. You can buy a carton of lemonade, limeade, fruit punch, eggnog, strawberry milk, or almond milk. You can even buy a box of wine. Yet, when this appeared in my refrigerator, I was, for some reason,  a little surprised by its existence.

Coffee in a carton.

It is actually delicious, creamy, and sweet; and  the main ingredient (lo and behold) is coffee. I wonder what Snobcoffery would say about us plebeians and our trashtastic iced coffee in a carton?

This brings me to another unexpected item I found in our pantry. (In case you had not already deduced, Ben does all of our grocery shopping, so opening the pantry is like digging to the bottom of a box of Crackerjacks, not giving a fig about the cans of cream of mushroom soup or the fruit cocktail that’s been there for years, waiting to be donated to a Good Cause, but only in search of the shimmery packet of What’s New? What’s New?)

On the weekly to-buy list, I had requested graham crackers. Erma is currently slightly obsessed with Scooby Doo (DON’T JUDGE ME). And here in our pantry is:

Dog crackers? People biscuits? Taste one and find out...

I now find myself bribing my child with the words, “Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?”

Also, Scooby Snacks are dewicious.  The dog and I concur.


12 responses to “Coffee in a Carton

  1. I’d do it for a scooby snack. Just sayin.

  2. It says right on the box – big, bold letters – those are treats for Cinnamon! Mystery solved. Lucky dog, Cinnamon! 🙂

  3. I have the same cups that you do 🙂 I love Target!

  4. i think you know what i’d say about it…
    but as always, if you like it, drink it. i’ll be waiting with a cup of delicious, fresh roasted, fresh ground, hand poured coffee should you ever choose the path of righteousness.

  5. OK, some kid had these at lunch. Claimed it was dog food…cue teenage trauma, contagion, and well, you know teenagers.

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