Days of Chocolate and Creme Caramel Coffee

Here’s a surefire method to make somebody feel loved while simultaneously making them feel like a big, fat pig:

Chocolate. And lots of it.

Nichole's Fine Pastry

Surprise chocolate is a great kind of chocolate to get. Especially these truffles from our local pastry extraordinaire, Nichole’s Fine Pastry and also from our local public television station, Prairie Public. And also, in some small way, from my husband, Ben, whose handwriting is more twirly than I recalled. The card says: “Tweet as can be, That’s my wife. Best Friend and companion, for all of my life.” That’s not even a Twitter joke, folks. It’s just a typo.

Widman's Candy Company

This box of gamble chocolate arrived today from a department on campus who appreciates our office very much. *pats self on back* The Widman candies are actually for a coworker and me together, but you know what? She’s going on vacation and won’t be back until Tuesday. We’ll see if there’s any candy left by then.

You know what goes well with chocolate? Coffee. And it just so happens, I sit right next to the office coffee machine. Ah, the rich aroma of pod coffee, as only Wolfgang Puck can brew it.

Creme Caramel

I especially like my coffee after it’s been sitting out for a while and it gets all nice and cold. Mmm.


5 responses to “Days of Chocolate and Creme Caramel Coffee

  1. Couple things: A typo would require a mistake in typing, not elegant handwritten script; and I would guess that’s just how the woman working down at Prairie Public writes her S.

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