Dorcas Gazelle

10 Things Exercise Alleviates

  1. Health problems
  2. Anxiety
  3. Stress
  4. Depression
  5. Lethargy
  6. Lack of self confidence
  7. Brain befuddlement
  8. Menstrual cramps (hello, boys!)
  9. Embarrassment when climbing three flights of stairs with someone who is not out of shape
  10. Sheepish answers when people ask how much you exercise

It doesn’t look like this “exercise trend” is going away anytime soon, and whenever a medical professional asks, I have to do that thing where I mumble about how much I chase around the kids, whilst trying to catch my breath from the jaunt up the single staircase at the clinic.

Enter Tony Little, fitness guru, infomercial celebrity, and creator of my second-hand Gazelle.

Conceive, Believe, and Achieve TM

Oh, yes. Only something good can come of this.

Do I look like a graceful animal? ... Now? ... How 'bout now?

Thus far, I’ve only had a little time with my Gazelle, because every time I turn around Erma is sneaking into the bedroom for a “fun ride on the swing.”


15 responses to “Dorcas Gazelle

  1. That is pretty much the best picture ever. I love the look on your daughter’s face! Haha!

  2. Ahahahahhaaaaa, that picture. Oh man.

    Just try not to fall off of it. It looks like a concussion machine to me!

  3. Firstly, I would like a bedazzler.

    Secondly, I want Tony Gazelle (or whatever his name is)’s hair. Okay…maybe not really, but that is some epic hair. Don’t you think?

    Maybe I’d just like to touch his biceps. He didn’t get those by using his machine.. I’m just sayin.

    • What would you bedazzle first?

      And by the way, are you saying that if I use the Tony Gazelle, I am not going to look like the Tony Gazelle? Because if not, I want my thirty bucks back.

  4. That is the best picture of you ever.

    And the fitness guru dude looks creepy.

  5. These two are in the basement.

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