Cupcake Kitschen

Little Tikes, a smart, first-world toy company with manufacturing centers (according to their website) in Europe and Asia, realized there was an unmet consumer need and they set out to fill that gap with:

Cupcake Kitchen

What's cooking? Cupcakes. What's cooking now? Cupcakes. What's cooking now? Shoes.

Cupcake Kitchen is a great addition to your house. My in-laws bought Cupcake Kitchen because Sigourney likes opening drawers and Erma likes cupcakes. Situated in the Reading Room, it gives my formerly-adult space its true raison d’รชtre.

Cupcake Kitchen comes with a LOT of plastic pieces. I couldn’t tell you how many, as Sigourney has “hidden” a variety of them in places we have not yet looked, but I would say upwards of 20.

One of the greatest things about Cupcake Kitchen is that it gives me something to do at night after the kids are asleep and I’m thinking to myself, should I fold laundry or do dishes or just sit around enjoying the quiet time? Wait! It’s my turn to play with/hunt down all the pieces of Cupcake Kitchen!

Didn't I just put all those pieces away? And hey, is that my melty spatula on your head?

Cupcake Kitchen is versatile. It does so much more than cooking fake cupcakes…

Various parts of the Cupcake Kitchen can be used to improve one's posture.

The spoons and knives are good accompaniments for musical instruments when you don't want your fingers to touch the ivory.

According to Erma, cats need sprinkles.

You don't have to limit yourself to cooking cupcakes either. You can cook a shoe! Do you want yours rare, medium rare, or full of rubber?

You can cook a bear. Bear burgers for dinner! Or is it bear cupcakes?

Duck a l'orange anyone?

Of course, some people would rather eat shoes than ducks. And that's...okay. SAVE THE DUCKS!

It’s the pieces of Cupcake Kitchen that make all the difference, not the sum of its parts. Because the pieces — they are everywhere. And they are nowhere. They turn up in all kinds of places.

Surprise! Plates and burner on a bookshelf.

Surprise! Watch where you sit!


Vive la Cupcake Kitchen, and all the cupcakes, wherever you may find them.

PS I think any company that is marketing their products as “perfect for little girls” is really missing the boat on the other half of the grandparent/child population who might also like pretend cupcakes and/or opening and closing things.


8 responses to “Cupcake Kitschen

  1. Reminds me of a Barbie Dream House, except you don’t have nearly enough pieces!

  2. I’d like a reading room. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It looks like Cupcake Kitchen provides hours of fun in ways the creators may not have intended ๐Ÿ™‚

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