Rockstar, Get Into My Car

~ An interview with somebody I know or want to know. ~

This time: Sarah

Her blog: Cerlandia

Her reflective shot:

Her questions:

1. What are some of your favorite craft projects you have completed?

Erma sports gloves made by Cerlandia. She LOVES them. They are warm and a beautiful pink.

Vintage Puppet Mittens — They’re adorable and I was able to use one of the magazines that my Great Grandma used.

Pebble Vest — Son still wears it and it’s just super adorable. I’ll be sad when he outgrows it. It has also become one of my favorite baby gifts because it adds warmth but you don’t have to put it over the baby’s head. Brilliant.

Sunshine Day Baby Afghan — The colors are amazing and the pattern is modern with a vintage feel. I’m a little sad this one will not be staying with me; it’s finished now but not yet photographed.

Tiny Tea Leaves Sweater — I almost never do the same pattern twice unless I’m sending it to a shop to be sold, but I have done two of the Tiny Tea Leaves sweater. Daughter loves these sweaters and they look really nice on her; she can get away with the wide necks that I can’t.

Picnic Blanket — My favorite sewing project isn’t my favorite because it’s really pretty or turned out exceptionally well, but because we use it so much. The Picnic Blanket just stays in the back of the car and we have impromptu picnics; it goes camping with us and on all our trips.

2. How did you learn to preserve food?

I first canned tomatoes with my Godmother who learned from her mother, who learned from her mother, and so on. After the first time I canned I immediately came home and read up on it and realized that she did not use a water bath and all canning instructions I found said to use a water bath. I freaked out a little and thought that maybe we should throw it all out and Husband convinced I was being a little paranoid and that if none of them had died of botulism that maybe we would be okay (he was right).

The next year I just stuck with tomatoes and added the water bath. Because I did so well, this last summer I decided that if I could can tomatoes I could can anything (within water bath canning, so no vegetables unless they were pickled). Husband (who loves food) was super excited with my enthusiasm and my pantry still has peaches, sauce, diced tomatoes, applesauce and pickles. There’s probably some other stuff too. I also filled our freezer this year too. Next season we hope to buy a pressure canner so we can add vegetables. I also use recipes from canning books so that I know they’re safe. My favorite is The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving; it has everything you could possibly want to can. For the ketchup I made I went with a different book and it’s the best ketchup I’ve ever had (even if it took Daughter some time to warm up to it).

3. What are your children’s personalities like?

They are exact opposites. Daughter is social, funny, outgoing and not so great with the gross motor skills. Son is quiet, shy, introverted, and fearless when it comes to any gross motor skill. I did get lucky and they are both really laid back though. Oddly enough, this opposite personality thing works out to everybody’s advantage and they get along really well. Rare is the day they spend fighting.

I see myself in both of them but in different ways. Daughter has my sarcastic sense of humor and my ability to talk back in situations where she should keep her mouth shut. Son gets his shy introverted personality from me. I’m not sure if he talks back yet.

4. What values do you hope you have taken from your parent(s) and wish to pass along to your own kids?

To value hard work and to not judge people based on the kind of work they do. The person picking up your trash is just as valuable to society as the doctor who can save a life. I also really want my children to make kind decisions. To think about their choices and what kind of impact it will have on others and on the world. Most of all I want them to be happy with who they are, which I know was what my parents wanted for my sister and me.

5. I absolutely love your tag called “thanks.”

When I started my blog it was strictly a way to chronicle all the crafts I did and write notes on them. As I’ve evolved, so has the blog (which I think is pretty normal). The thankful posts are just good reminders of everything that I have in my life and I’ve continued it because, even when there’s nothing else to write, I always have something to be thankful for. I also try to remember that when everybody in the house is cranky and I want to scream. It’s a nice way to add perspective and remind myself that this too shall pass.


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