Haiku Review: Hunger Games

Dystopic future:
America the corrupt.
Sing a song for Rue.


This might be teen fiction, but it is the best kind of genre fiction: the kind that does not exclude people beyond its genre. I think most anyone would enjoy (and be moved by) this book. I plan to read the others in the series.


13 responses to “Haiku Review: Hunger Games

  1. Sounds good. I look forward to reading it, too.

  2. I feel quite behind because I haven’t read them yet, but every person I know that has read them has LOVED them. Has there been anything that’s set off the Melissa Alarm?

    Also, according to thecapitol.pn I belong in District Two and I’m a stonemason. Okay.

    • thecapitol.pn is totally random. I’m in District 7 and a forester..

    • As you know, there are myriad things that set off the Melissa Alarms. None of those things happened in the book, except for a ton of vomiting, violent death, and abhorrent government corruption. Oh, and people/animals taking arrows in the eyes. Oh god, oh god, that was bad.

      District 11 Gardener. I will be killed before I even get to the arena. Enjoy your lamb stew! (Bleh.)

  3. Glad you liked it!

  4. I see a video advertisement on your blog post…of some guy cooking?

  5. I just finished book #2 and thought I was going to be disappointed because I accidentally read a spoiler… but it was a GREAT read and I’m starting book #3 as soon as I hit the submit button.

  6. I don’t know I just don’t fancy it. I am giving it a miss. I must admit your description of arrows and a violent death did not much help in me wanting to read it more than before πŸ˜‰

    • Did you finish it yet? I just enjoyed it as a very light read, but I thought it would be a good book for teens and even younger. Better than Twilight!

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