Art’s Perimeter

There are certain places that cater to people like me, who want to be crafty but don’t technically have the “talent” or “know-how.” We have such a place in my town, and it is called Clay Your Way.

Sandy helps Erma add her name to the bottom of her project. The staff at Clay Your Way are unbelievably helpful, from going through the process with you step by step, to assisting with techniques and answering all kinds of my bizarre questions.

After scoping out the place with a friend who does technically have the “talent” and “know-how,” I decided to take Erma to make clay her way.

Erma picked a kitty bank to paint. I coaxed her toward the small, flat tiles, but no: it was the 3D kitty bank that caught her eye. I picked a plate, and then we chose our paints.

So Erma started to work on her kitty bank in the colors of green, red, and pale blue, and I started to douse my plate in speckly green, which of course, led to Erma painting her kitty bank a speckly green. Then I brought out the detail paint, and Erma thought that was pretty cool, too, and the perfect medium for creating polka dot spots on kitty bank.

It’s truly hard to screw up painting clay. If you do mess up, you can say, “I meant it that way. It’s art. It’s expression. It’s BEAUTIFUL.

That’s what I did. I painted Xs and Os around the perimeter of my plate, but I guesstimated the spacing all wrong and it looked totally funky. “Funky? I meant it that way. It’s art. It’s expression. It’s BEAUTIFUL.” It was, frankly, embarrassing, so I covered my mistake with other letters. Why limit yourself to Xs and Os as signs of love? I feel like Bs and Es are similarly loving, don’t you?

Erma’s kitty bank appears to have suffered some kind of head trauma, but she also meant it that way.



10 responses to “Art’s Perimeter

  1. Who took your picture?

  2. OH MAN. I totally lost it at “head trauma.” hahaha I love you guys!

  3. I love it! We have one in Lincoln called Paint Yourself Silly – I’ve never been, but some day I will! Also, I love your pictures 🙂

  4. These are some pretty pictures! I also really like your sweater!

  5. “I meant it that way. It’s art. It’s expression. It’s BEAUTIFUL.“ LOL! I love it.
    Can’t wait to see the finished pieces.

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