My Trademark TM Hair

This one piece of hair is driving me crazy.

Now, let’s just first state that I am not good with hair. I can’t braid. I can’t twist. I can’t bun. I can barely pony, but it’s quite a sight to behold. Barrettes are a mess. Any sort of hairstyle is a disaster. I’m just not one of those hair people. (I would like to insert a hair today, gone tomorrow joke, but where?)

So this is how hair I have styled (I use the word loosely) often looks:

Meanwhile, my own hair does this Thing. It doesn’t matter what I try to make my hair do, my hair fights back. I use the curling iron, the straight iron, the brush, the comb, the pick. I argue with my hair, pick at it, tease it, sweet-talk it. It is a wild child that cannot be tamed.

In the end, my part gravitates right back toward the middle (it’s been called “witch-like” before, or maybe that was me being called witch-like?), and there’s this one piece of hair. I guess it might have formerly been bangs? That piece drives me crazy.

That piece of hair has been driving me crazy for weeks now, and I can’t decide what to do about it. It REFUSES to go to the left. It only goes right. It clashes with my part and my hairline. It sits over my eye. It dirties my glasses.

Here is what I plan to do about it: I am going to embrace the clump. I am going to love it for what it is and not for what it could be. I am going to make it my emblem, my insignia, my coat of arms. When I talk about my hair, I will now add the trademark symbol. I will love my Trademark TM Hair Clump with the passion and dignity that it deserves.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (*high five!*)

Until it really drives me crazy, and then I will cut it off.


12 responses to “My Trademark TM Hair

  1. Just go with the trademark and love it. I do. πŸ™‚

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I have a small clump of hair in a similar spot that chooses to stand straight up, resulting in a permanent head band hair style for me.

  3. That “clump” of hair actually makes your part look like it is on the side and looks fantastic. Don’t go changing it! πŸ˜€

    My hair started looking better when I quit fighting with it. Now I pretty much let it do its own thing, get it trimmed now and again, don’t spend much time on it. I think it’s easier on both of us (me and my hair)!

    • The picture mysteriously enhances my hair. But I swear, that clump TM bugger is trying to destroy my will to put these summer school contracts together!

  4. I love the way your hair looks.

    The hair just in front of my ears never grows longer than about 3 inches. It baffles my hairdressers and means that every time I wear a pony, I have wings.

  5. I love your dark chocolate brown hair.

  6. It’s funny how other people pay money to get the hairstyles that drive us crazy. I have big thick curly hair, it drives me nutty. Yet every commercial is for thicker more volumonous hair. And people buy curling irons and rollers and perm kits like crazy….

    Peggy… you should nick name yourself Peggy-sis. Hee hee. I bet you’re cute with your pony wings!

    • My coworker uses hairspray so her hair is ALWAYS in place. I love it, but I can’t do it to myself because I dislike how it feels. And yet she is always complaining that her hair is getting all messed up! I wonder what she thinks of mine! Ha.

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