Raggedy Cat and Drooly Clown

On a whim, I decided to clean out my closet this afternoon. Specifically, I have a three-drawer bin that Sigourney has figured out how to open, full of items she finds sheer joy in — items that of course she should never have, and are possibly now greeting the inside of her stomach.

The funny thing is, the drawers have been warped for some time and I cannot get them open. Other than the random bits and pieces she was handing me, I had no idea what kind of junk was in the junk drawers.

Today I found out.

I found:

  • A variety of writing utensils of dubious ability
  • Library cards, medical memberships, and drivers’ licenses dating back to the 1990s
  • Several glittery breath freshener containers fashioned into jewelry during a time in which a friend and I decided to go Thoroughly Modernly Millie and create a line of rings that open
  • My high school ID card circa 1997
  • A decade-old package of cherry-flavored Tijuana Smalls, never smoked, but used as a prop in a beanie baby fashion shoot
  • A picture of my cousin Jazzhands and her cat sitting beneath an enormous vagina
  • All of the (MANY) love letters Ben had ever written me, including some segments of spruce he had sent when wooing me (now in a box labeled TZB)
  • An unopened set of face paints

The latter gave me a new idea.

I ditched the reorg for Project Clownface. And had there been other contenders for the title of Worst Facepainter, I still would have won.

Squirmy was a kind of face-paint moving target. I managed to hold her down and color her in amidst her giggles. She then spent 5 minutes sticking her tongue out at herself in the mirror and laughing. I wiped it off before Erma and Ben came home from the planetarium and would catch me red-handed.

Erma was keen on the whole concept. She sat still and let me do this horrible thing to her. Kind of a cross between a kitty cat and Raggedy Ann. A scary, scary Raggedy Cat. Even scarier, though, was when I was about done and she said, "Next I will paint your face, Mama."

Everyone should let an almost four-year-old Raggedy Cat paint them. It's a good idea.

I'm ready to run away and join the creepy circus now.

And to think, my art project idea for the weekend was making masks out of paper plates. We never quite got there. But I’m certain we will screw up some paper plate masks in the near future.


6 responses to “Raggedy Cat and Drooly Clown

  1. You will hear about that face painting forever! Think Superman mustache! πŸ˜€

  2. How fun! I love makeup. πŸ™‚
    Well it sounds like most of the stuff in the drawer was junk… but the letters and facepaints… treasures.

    • I did throw out a lot of stuff, including the warped drawers. I kept the high school photo ID, though. It was a good picture. πŸ˜›

      I kept the picture of my cousin and her cat, too.

  3. I wonder if I still have that strange tapestry and if Adam would let me hang it in the house. I thought it was so cool.

    LOVE the face painting. I am sure Erma had so much fun with it.

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