Bird’s Nest

There is a certain Midwestern delicacy called Bird’s Nest. If you have never heard of it before, you are probably from outer space or Brooklyn.

Being from Brooklyn myself (I can say that, because I consider Brooklyn to be the motherland), I have never made a Bird’s Nest. But I have been served a bird’s nest, which makes me a sideways expert on Bird’s Nests, and fully capable of cataloging the recipe:


  1. Toast up some toast.
  2. Magically cut a perfect circle in toast. (Must be magic. How else can this be achieved? I think there’s a spell in one of the Harry Potter books. You wave a wand and say “toastus circulus” or maybe it’s “breadus nestus.” Someone in the know will have to report on the exact verbiage.)
  3. Open egg into hole. Discard shell. (<– common mistake is putting shell directly into nest; makes for realistic yet altogether too crunchy bird’s nest)
  4. Sprinkle with something awesome, such as cinnamon or garlic, but probably not both.
  5. Top with marshmallow-shaped bird.

Sigourney opted to bite the head off the chickie and abandon the body.

This is one of your more exciting breakfast options, because afterward, you will still be a vegetarian! Plus, you just ate dessert for breakfast, so congratulations to you!


9 responses to “Bird’s Nest

  1. I’ve made these for my kids before. Daughter loves it, but Son got really angry that the toast and the egg were connected. It did not make for a pleasant breakfast.

  2. No bird’s nests in Brooklyn. Where would birds nest? There is only one tree!

    Brooklynspecializes in egg creams (made without any eggs), lime rickeys (they are red), and many other delicacies.

  3. I tried egg cream at a diner in Chicago once. I was proud of myself for not spitting it out.

  4. My mom used to get butter shaped lambs for Easter. You guessed it, it is butter in the shape of a lamb. She would put it on the table on the nice plate. My brother (who is older than me) would get upset about eating the lamb. I enjoyed chopping the head off.
    He also always felt bad for the coyote in that cartoon. You know where he is chasing the ostrich.
    Meep meep.

    I don’t know how this is linked to your post but go figure.

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