The Silly Brand

I am thinking of retitling my blog. When I first started this blog, many aeons ago (I believe it was January of this year), I didn’t think long and hard of a name for it. I just slapped something together, because all I knew about this blog is that it would be silly. And so I picked the silliest name I could think of at the time.

Now that the blog has evolved, revolutionized itself, progressed, and come of age (or has it), I feel like it could possibly use some branding.

We use the word “branding” at work a lot. It seems like “branding” is the thing to do. And so that you don’t think I’m one of those evil corporate branders, I work at a university. As a secretary.

I digress. What should I call this blog? I can’t decide, so I’m asking for your help. Yes, you. Sitting there in front of your computer, reading these words, or at least skimming them over at a moderate clip. You tell me what to do. You be the boss of me.

Brand me.

Some thoughts for your consideration (not limited to these, of course):

  • Spatulacakes
  • How Hard Could It Be?
  • The Screw-up Blog (but would I capitalize the “u” in up? this may make all the difference)
  • (yawn)
  • The Doofus Daily News
  • Erma and Sigourney’s Magical Rainbow Blanket
  • I Meant It That Way
  • Picky Fingers

This branding thing is too hard. I need a nap.


15 responses to “The Silly Brand

  1. I would go for the yawner. Branding is supposed to keep the product alive and easy to recall. Sillyliss is YOU! It IS your brand.


  2. How about “I meant to do that!” 🙂

    • That sounds like a good tagline, although I am leaning a bit toward the tagline of “How hard could it be?” I seem to stay that a lot, and it almost always foreshadows something ominous.

  3. Well… I really do like the current name, but if you do go ahead and change it I’ll concur with your Mom and say… Sillyliss IS you.

  4. I still love the sound of comic bliss with miss liss. Or miss liss’ comic bliss
    It just has such a nice sound to it.

    • I like it, but it feels like a lot to live up to. Bliss? Me? It rhymes nicely, but bliss is a pretty high state of being and what I’m good at is screwing things up.

  5. Goofus and Galant, the next female generation? 😀

  6. My nieces STILL get Highlights. LOVE thEM! 🙂

  7. I think simplicity is best. I like the tagline of “How hard could it be?” though. Hehe.

  8. I agree with above commenters on “How hard can it be?” as a tagline. Your current one seems fine to me, but of your list, I actually kinda dig “Erma and Sigourney’s Magical Rainbow Blanket” because it sounds so cool haha!

    • Ha. I was thinking “I Meant It That Way” might actually be a better tagline, but I’m waffling.

      The only minor problem with the magical rainbow title is a technicality — Erma would never ever ever ever let Sigourney share her favorite rainbow blanket. She would share her toys, her friends, her books, her food, her hair. But not the blanket.

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