One Sick Tat

My preschooler brought home a tattoo from school today. It’s rhinovirus…personified.

Apparently, it’s not enough that the kids bring home from school every known disease in the FM metro area; now they are wearing pictures of the diseases all whilst the snot runs and the eyes water and the cough…coughs.

The sun shines, the sea waves, the earth turns, the universe goes on. I will be okay.


What other kinds of diseases do you think they should put on tattoos?


2 responses to “One Sick Tat

  1. bacterial meningitis. One of my coworkers was trying to convince us he had that. If he had a tattoo, then he would have been right!

    • If I tattooed onto my body all of the diseases I think I have at any given time, I would be covered from head to toe. There’s probably some kind of diseases you can get from too many tattoos, too.

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