In the Cups

Some people will tell you that a post about cups is scratching the very bottom of the blogosphere.

Here is a secret, though: the bottom of the blogosphere is made of cups. It’s all cups down there, waiting to be filled with insightful, comical, judgmental, or blase blog posts. (None of which you will see here.) What I’m saying is: cups could NOT be more relevant!

Fear not! I will not bore you with cups!

Once upon a time, I, the office XTREME cup orderer, was about to go on maternity leave. In my quest to be both diligent and awesome, as well as thrifty (cups cost less in bulk, doncha know!), I ordered a box of cups. An enormous, monster-truck-sized box of coffee cups.

Things Happen.

Things always happen, though. First off, I could tell you right now that if we could force upon every visitor to our office a cup of water or coffee contained in Styrofoam, we would still be “in the cups” (a common expression around here) for many aeons.

But more importantly, ourΒ  office acquired a new leader at a time in which we were still, very much so, in the cups.

Our new leader/supervisor/boss/hero brought a new coffee machine to our lair. It is a Keurig. And it classes up the joint. One of the first things our new boss said upon his arrival was, “And we will get some nice mugs for serving our guests. We don’t want to give our guests Styrofoam. And it’s bad for the environment.”

He is so right on all accounts. And he had not even opened the cupboard yet. (I am punny!)

We now have new mugs. And yet we are still in the cups. I am trying to think of creative things to do with the plethora of cups. For instance, instead of using inter-office envelopes to send important documents from building to building around campus, we could tape two cups together with the document securely inside it.

Our office is also severely lacking in wall art. I think some carefully plastered cups might create an attractive mosaic.

Cups might make a great birthday present for a coworker. We could fill them with paperclips or vitamin gum and SURPRISE! We could also wear the cups as party hats and transform our office space into Party Central.

Or perhaps the cups could store cat food or sequins or spitted gum. Cups could make for good archival material.

There are tons of craft projects you can do with cups, but most of them are not (for some reason?!?!) considered “office appropriate.”

In fact, there are tons of other things you could do with cups that are not considered “blog appropriate.”

If anyone has any clue what in the blogosphere I can do to deplete our supply of cups (it’s embarrassing!), please direct all cuppentary my way. You know, via commenting here on this post. About cups.

Be a good citizen! Use a cup!


13 responses to “In the Cups

  1. Donate them to a preschool. They know how to use all kinds of odds ‘n ends for crafts, and your cups would certainly qualify as either odds or ends. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my god, “Red Solo Cup” won’t get out of my head now.

  3. I hear ya. At home we have paper cups dating from who knows when that I can’t seem to find a use for. Sometimes we use cups to mix up paint for my two-year-old, but we don’t do that often enough to go through them!

    • We do a lot more painting now than we did when Emilia was two. You might use up your home supply eventually. We also have a separate stash of bathroom cups now that Emilia does her own tooth brushing. They get so independent. It’s awesome. πŸ™‚

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  6. A little late to the party, but I just got to this post via a more current one, sorry! In my old (university) office, we did bad things to people in honor of their birthdays. Like, we filled their desk drawers with plastic spiders if they were deathly afraid of spiders (see? bad.) or filled their cubicles with balloons so they couldn’t get in without doing something with all the balloons. Can you see where this is going? Maybe make mobiles from all the cups and hang them floor to ceiling, tightly together in order to use ALL the cups and then stand back and let the poor birthday girl/boy figure it out from there. Cups gone and you off the hook. If there’s any question of waste, blame the birthday child.

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