Picture yourself standing on a bridge and looking down into a tranquil river. Leaves float serenely away on the river’s current. Put a worry on each leaf. Watch it sail away.

Worry #1:  Is this bridge safe?

Worry #2: If the bridge collapses, is the water deep? Will I drown in its tranquility?

Worry #3: If a car comes, will it lose control and hit me?

Worry #4: Are my endless worries going to pollute the tranquil river?

Worry #5: Is somebody going to find my leaf-worries? Will they read them? What will they think of me?

Perhaps the Leaf System to worry deterrent is not for you. Perhaps it is time to get off the metaphorical bridge, come back into the safety of the house, and screw up an art project.

The concept is this: each worry is recorded on a strip of paper and placed in the Worry Jar. When the jar is full, the worries can be ceremoniously burned. Or read aloud and laughed about. Or both.

I made my Worry Jar last night. I already had the first note ready to be dropped in.

I have a feeling that a lot of my notes are going to say things like, “I am worried about something, but I don’t know what.”

Everything is okay. Breathe.


7 responses to “Worry-B-Gone

  1. I call my worry jar “prozac”

  2. I’m worrying the worry jar may cause worries. (Try saying that 3 times fast without your lips falling off)

  3. I love this idea. And your first worry is gone because your worry jar looks awesome.

  4. See, worry is not my issue. Saying screw it and getting out is. Then all those darn viruses that sneak up when I try to get out.

    Heck, can you make a conspiracy jar?

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