Sham Poo

Do you know when Lasik starts to look like a viable option to me? Right after I realize that I have just washed my entire body with shampoo.

Then I spent so long considering this whole debacle that I could not remember if I had washed my hair. So I washed it again. Or...the first time.

Also, I think a combobulated friend of mine should seriously look into the origin of the word “shampoo.”


13 responses to “Sham Poo

  1. At least you didn’t wash with the cereal in there…oatmeal and shea butter.
    I’ll look into sham poo after I figure out if I should be buttering my shea.
    Thanks muchly for the pingback!

  2. HILARIOUS! I feel you on the Lasik; At -10 I’m still wearing contacts but man it’s so tempting to want to be not blind sometimes.

    • I have a whole eye thing so I would probably never be a good candidate for Lasik. That said, ten seconds ago, my youngest daughter tried to pull my glasses off my face and stomp them. That *probably* couldn’t happen with Lasik.

  3. I would love to have the courage to try the No Poo regimen. I do think courage is what it takes. Have you heard about No Poo?

  4. I tried out No Poo for a while, as it’s supposed to be good for curly hair. It might work, with the right products, but I can assure you that Nexxum is too expensive and hair-thinning to be used.

    Also, my optometrist has this thing, it’s like contacts that you wear at night to correct your vision, somehow? Like long-term lasik but with no surgery and lots of doctor visits instead. I’m considering asking him about it next time I see him.

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