Liss Forever

I read a neat blog called Things We Don’t See. Deanna captures things overlooked, with double meanings, that don’t quite make sense, or that can just be seen from a different perspective.

It made me think about the things we leave behind.

What we leave

Every time we have moved houses (and that is a LOT of times), we have left something behind. We left a behemoth TV behind when we moved from Minnesota to Missouri, with a note attached: “We couldn’t fit this in the truck. Hope you enjoy it.” I wonder if they did, or if it was just a menace to them.

“Liss Forever” was scrawled in a corner behind the door of my childhood bedroom where I thought it would only be found by another little girl who would someday have my room. (Instead, it was discovered by a neighbor my parents had asked to repaint the walls. How ironic.)

What they leave

When we have moved into a new house, the previous owners have left behind something for us as well. Namely, garbage. In our first house, we were bequeathed an entire shed full of garbage and dead ladybugs. Newspaper articles and assorted nonkeepsakes from half a century filled and overflowed the shed.

Similarly, at the last house we left behind, the previous owners had filled an outbuilding “the schoolhouse”) with 100 year’s worth of garage sale junk. On one of our first days in the new place, a tractor drove up our driveway. The man welcomed us to the “neighborhood” and told us he would be by to get the stuff from the old schoolhouse. We never saw him again. Old sports equipment, war helmets, teeth, nursery toys — it was an eccentric assortment for sure. We left it behind, too.

There was not much left for us when we moved into our current house. It was cleaned out! They even uninstalled some shelving from the walls (which was kind of weird, I thought).

The only evidence they left behind of their former lives were three scarecrows, measurements, and some sound medical advice.

Upon close inspection, it is more apparent why these three miniature wooden scarecrows were left in the screened patio: they are screwed into the wall.

The door dates back to the 1970s, long before the previous residents lived in our house. It seems like many people measured up to the closet door over the years.

I would follow the directions, but as previously noted, my shower vision is about 20/200.


3 responses to “Liss Forever

  1. Sometimes, we leave things behind that the new owners don’t even know about…

  2. Thanks for being a reader of my blog!

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