Pomegranate Perfume

Once in a while, I get this little voice in my ear (don’t worry — it’s a friendly voice) that says, “Be kind to the environment!”

This usually ends badly. Or at least, it ends in confusion. Do I take my own reusable canvas bags to the grocery store, then buy disposable bags and take them home in my reusables? Or do I just use grocery store bags and reuse them at home? Or should I recreate my entire life to be more environmentally conscious, and how does one do that with dirty diapers? (Do not answer that.)

Not to mention, in the world of Being Good, the internet has a thousand contradictory factual statements about what you should do to Be Good. And if they don’t contradict, they at least are so numerous that they give me an instant headache.

It’s so much easier to be bad.

Won’t you be bad with me? Be real, real bad. Be so bad, you don’t even use proper grammar or sentence structure.

Meanwhile, I had one of those Be Good moments in which I was in the Expensive Aisle of the grocery store where all the Be Good stuff is crowded together onto a few shelves, and I thought, hey, I need deodorant. I will buy Good deodorant. That would make me a Good person.

I bought Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Roll On Pomegranate. Paraben free! Hypoallergenic! No aluminum chlorohydrate! Leaves no white residue! Promotes skin generation! (What? Do my armpits needs more skin?)

So what is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant? Not even Wikipedia could tell you for sure. The only thing I know is that antiperspirant stops the sweat from coming out and deodorant sees the sweat and tells it to get lost.

Basically, I am wearing pomegranate perfume. Or I was. Before I went back to being bad. (Sorry, Earth!)

Maybe I will go all “maverick” and make my own deodorant. I don’t see how that could go wrong…


12 responses to “Pomegranate Perfume

  1. I tried making my own deodorant (using this recipe: http://angrychicken.typepad.com/angry_chicken/2008/07/homemade-deodor.html) once. It ended in the usual rash under my arms.

    • That is cool. The bare bones recipe I linked to is just baking soda and cornstarch. I don’t know if I will actually try it or not. Things usually don’t end well for me.

  2. I just spent double the amount I normally do on a hair dye that belongs in the Be Good aisle. I have yet to try it though; I hope it works! But it’s nuts how expensive those items get! I guess so long as I’m not going bankrupt (and that the item actually works) I should do my part.

  3. Even if you don’t like the product you can still support the cause:
    Free the Parabens! Free the Parabens!

  4. I think antiperspirant is designed to stop you from sweating, and deodorant to stop you from stinking. I use Crystal and quite like it, but I know it’s not for everyone. It works for me, I like the Lavender the best.

    I say, take your canvas bag to the store and bring home disposables for your garbage cans. It’s the small plastic shopping bags that wreak the greatest havoc. That is my Tip for Green Living (TM) for today.

    • I like roll ons for some reason. But I don’t think this product is actually working on me. It is unbearably hot in our office. It’s like Florida in our office. And this stuff just isn’t strong enough to deal with the heat.

  5. I am good and bad. For me, if it makes me sane, screw the environment. Unless it is plastic bags…I HATE PLASTIC STORE BAGS. You know, give me my chemicals…if I don’t stink, it is worth it. Now I do other environmental things that most people would just so cringe at. But to me, my good and bad even themselves out.

    But I must say, I can’t stand the holier than thou, save the environment, all chemicals bad, you are evil if you don’t do this people. They make me want to through a recyclable in the trash.

  6. Once again, our minds are in sync. I will come back and link to my take on this subject in the next day or two.

    In the meantime, I would like to say that I have never tasted pomegranate and have no idea what it smells like. But then I wonder so why not banana? Or strawberry? Will every stray animal follow you home if you smell edible?

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