There is a game that Erma likes to play. It’s called Hide and Seek, but it’s actually more of just Seek.

Found you! You're behind the couch!

Found you again. You're behind the couch. Again.

Found you. Are we almost done with this game?

Uh. I'm going to read a book while you hide. Mkay?

And so it was that I finished 602 pages of Steinbeck’s East of Eden.

Here are some good hiding spots for fellow preschool parents, when it’s your turn to do the hiding instead of the seeking:

  • Beneath the kitchen table. There’s a reason Dave Matthews wrote a song about it. It’s a fantastic place to daydream. About painting the underside of the cruddy-looking table bottom.
  • Under the covers in bed. Erma doesn’t look there very quickly, and there’s usually a time for a quick snooze while she’s checking for me behind the couch.
  • In the bathtub. With the water on. Bubbles and a magazine. Ten minutes of luxury until the seek has been exhausted.
  • Anywhere within vicinity of the vacuum. Since the vacuum is scary, she won’t be going there. Bring a book! I recommend East of Eden.

4 responses to “Seek

  1. I wish my kid would look for me for more than a minute before becoming frustrated and upset. I would LOVE to hide for a while.

    • It is a delicate balance. At a certain point, she either loses interest and instead gets into a brawl with her little sister, or she does get increasingly frustrated and tells me, when she finally finds me watching an episode of Seinfeld in the other room, that my hiding place was clearly out of bounds. Usually, this whole thing is resolved with ice cream.

  2. I’ve been playing hide and seek with my kiddo too, although his version is more like, “Run after me!” One time he actually did make an effort to hide and threw a blanket over himself, so he gets points for that. But man I am not a rough housing type of parent; anything that requires running or doing physical play is just not for me.

    • Ha! Yeah, I’m not so much into the running after kids either. That’s why I like a nice, quiet hiding spot and a book. I let Dad do the roughhousing. 🙂

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