Seal of Approval

I have developed a new habit of buying bathmats. It’s not my fault, though. I blame the bathmats.

When we moved into our new house, one of my first purchases had to be the bathmat. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s putting my poor, naked feet on that porcelain surface known as the tub floor.

I picked bathmat #1 because I am naive. I had heard that there are bamboo bathmats. Once in a while, I like to be environmentally conscious (as noted re: deodorant). It’s not a lark; it’s an attempt to make my environmentally conscious Flathead proud of me. What is more environmentally conscious than a bamboo bathmat?

Unfortunately, Bathmat #1 was not made of bamboo. It is imitation bamboo. It smelled like vinyl. And the chunky pattern scraped at my feet in the shower. Also, it is ugly. To me. I hate it.

Then I went to Target. I saw: Bathmat #2. Made of genuine bamboo. For real! It was on the pricy side for what I consider a bathmat (#2) purchase, but I was so eager for Flathead to see what a Good-to-the-Earth person I was, that I snatched it up and said to heck with the financial consequences.

I slapped that buddy in the shower and marveled, simply marveled, at its woodsiness.

After the first use, I started to become concerned about Bathmat #2, re: mold, mildew, and other gross stuff that forms on non-waterproofed, environmentally-friendly wood products. Or, in other words, Bathmat #2 was starting to feel slightly soggy. Also, it slipped around in the bathtub something fierce, which counteracted the safety element of having the bathmat in the first place. In addition, it was kind of scraping my feet in the shower.

Back at Target, I kiss the Earth good-bye and purchase Bathmat #3. It is cheap, dirt cheap. It is white. It is vinyl. It smells like chemicals. It does not scrape my feet in the shower. It is practically perfect in every way.

Much thanks to Stotten Bark-Bark, Bodo, and Lisa* for modeling my bath mats.

* These are their real names. I do not protect the innocent on this blog. Right, Flathead?


9 responses to “Seal of Approval

  1. Hey, at least you didn’t use Ben’s real name. Oops!

  2. I think our bathmat keeps me alive. And it’s mold and mildew resistant. It does what I need it to do. Plastic (or vinyl – is there a difference?)

  3. My other half insists on a bath mat, but I have injured myself more trying to use it!

  4. The bamboo one is meant to go in the shower actually?

  5. Ha! I am SURE this info will come in handy as we move to our new home. Go flippin figure, the cheaper the better

    • Maybe if I continued to buy high-end bathmats, I eventually would have found one that I simply loved, but the cheap one is doing it for me at the moment.

      Congrats on your new home!

  6. Why fix what’s not broken right, especially since Lisa (I assume the seal) looks so happy with it.


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