Doodle Shirts

Erma had another grande weekend idea. She wanted to make her own t-shirt. I bought two yellow (school colors!) t-shirts and some washable fabric markers. She doodled a bit on Saturday. I decided I would do a shirt for Sigourney as well, so they could go to school together looking totally decked out in their yellow (school colors!) doodle-shirts.

Sunday was a nice, quiet, lazy, cold, bitter day, so while Sigourney had contented herself with cell phones and school buses, I went to town on the BEST DESIGN EVER for her t-shirt.

“Mooom!” The voice from the other room had that mid-crisis tinge to it, but I had a feeling that she was stuck on a Nook app. (I bought Erma a few of them to play from time to time — something with a piano, something about drawing with your finger, a jigsaw puzzle one.)

I left the art-project-covered kitchen table with Sigourney underneath, talking to a bus in her own language.

“What is it?” I asked.

Erma was plugged into the wall, flopped on the bed, her face the opposite of gruntled. “How does this game work?”

Oy. She had found Angry Birds. I knew the day would come.

I stood in thought, weighing the options. I could tell her that Angry Birds didn’t work. Or that it was an adult game. Or explain the principles of physics. But she solved my problem for me.

“Ah! I got it!” she exclaimed, her finger becoming a slingshot toward square-shaped, soon-to-be-exploded birds that had every right to be enraged.

Back in the kitchen, there was a wild scene going on, man. I had been gone maybe 15 seconds.

In that time, Sigourney had climbed onto the chair I had abandoned, opened the fabric markers, and decorated basically everything but the t-shirt.

Fortunately, the fabric markers were washable (thank you, Crayola!) and easily came off the chair, the table, the hands, the face, and most everything else she had "colored."

Never leave a chair pulled out at the table. Never ever ever ever ever. Ever. Ever. Bad things will always happen.

The t-shirt made it, though. She had spent so much time decorating the table and the chair that she hadn’t had a chance to destroy her shirt. I mean, the shirt I was making for her because obviously she is too little to make it herself. Hah.

I know, I know. The bee's tail looks a tish too phallic. What? Tish? That's what we say up here. Tish, tish, tish. It's fun. Get used to it.

The girls tried on their shirts this morning. Somehow or other, Erma ended up going to school in her sister’s bear shirt.

After seeing the bear brushing his hair, Erma wanted a pig wearing a wig (in a bathing suit holding a camera) on the back of her shirt, and I complied. She colored the shirt like a rainbow.

I do kind of wonder if I’m going to get a phone call from the teacher today.


18 responses to “Doodle Shirts

  1. Very stylish! Maybe you’ll start a yellow tshirt trend.

    • All hers, not mine. I have been trying to get her to bake pretzels with me for a while, but she’s just not into it at the moment. I’ll keep working on her. Heh.

  2. The muscles on the bear caught my eye.

    • Funny, Flathead said the same thing. It was unintentional. I guess maybe the bear got a new bike and has been working out. I wonder if he has some weird chest pains like I do?

  3. Does that pig have a belly button?

  4. Great idea πŸ™‚ I’d like to try this with my son!

  5. I spy a whale with a polka dot tale… has someone been listening to Raffi? πŸ™‚

  6. Why is the bee so upset?
    He looks sad πŸ™‚

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