Glitter Glue Bottles

There is a reason I never log onto Pinterest. Everything on the entire site looks fantastic and I want to pin it, go home, and DO IT ALL.

Yesterday, my much-more-talented-than-me friend Stacy pinned something that showed up on Facebook. I happened to see it, and I thought, YES, I CAN DO THAT. How hard can it be? All I need is glitter, glycerin, and a peanut butter jar. THIS JUST MAKES SENSE.

The sun shines. The sea waves. The Earth turns. The universe goes on. Breathe. And stare at glitter glue bottle.

I figured I could easily track down my ingredients at the local drugstore (blood pressure 130/76. score!). I did not find glitter, so I picked up glitter glue. I did not find an empty peanut butter jar, so I picked up two bottles of Evian. I did not find glycerin, so I picked up two marshmallow creme eggs. Put those aside for later.

Erma was sad to leave preschool that afternoon until I told her that WHEN WE GET HOME WE ARE MAKING GLITTER GLUE BOTTLES! (Try saying that three times fast.)

The making of the glitter glue bottles (potentially for toddler meditation, for reals, that’s the purported purpose of these things) took precedence over every other thing. As soon as we got home: “Let’s make glitter glue blottles!” So we drank a lot of water, and we were ready to go.

The side benefit of Glitter Glue Bottle is that your child will have to drink the otherwise vile substance she knows as water.

Note: I did not even remotely follow the blog in the Pin. Which…maybe was the problem, I don’t know.


Pick glitter glue color and squeeze into empty Evian bottle.


Pour hot water into Evian bottle; cap and shake.


Bottle looks completely stupid, so add some food coloring.


Thanks to letting preschooler add the food coloring, glitter is no longer visible. Add more glitter glue.


Still looks stupid. Add some dish washing soap.


Glue cap onto bottle with all purpose tacky glue; let dry before giving to tiny tots. Looking stupider than ever.


Repeat process with second bottle. Make second bottle even stupider, if possible.

VOILA! Spatulacakes!

The front page of ye olde local newspaper was also about bottles today. A coincidence? I think not.

In this March 23, 2012, photo a discarded bottle filled with urine lays on the side of Highway 85 near Williston, N.D. (AP Photo/Elijah Nouvelage) (Fargo Forum)

I think it’s time for the marshmallow eggs now.


18 responses to “Glitter Glue Bottles

  1. Hilarious!!! I’ll put that on my list of projects NOT to do with the grandkids!

    • The good thing about almost-four-year-olds is that even if the project turns out stupid, she thinks it’s awesome. She is already asking when we can do it again. I say soon, but I really mean, well, NEVER.

  2. So what exactly is the purpose of the glitter bottle?

    • Children’s meditation. That’s how I read it. Your child stares at it and goes into a deep trance-like state. Basically, we just use Scooby Doo for this, but hey, why not a glitter glue bottle.

      I also saw someone say they use glitter glue bottle instead of timeouts. Like, kid does something wrong and you say, “That’s it, mister. Go get your glitter glue bottle and turn it over.” Then they have to stare at it until the glitter settles. Punishment extraordinaire.


  4. Your girls look very determined to drink!

  5. I have managed to NEVER set, er, foot in Pinterest. I have no time or money! I doubt I’ll be able to stay away for long.
    LOVE the pictures of them drinking from the bottles. Also, I love the name Sigourney.

    • I don’t think Pinterest really costs money? Well, not directly. As you can see it cost me the amount of two Evian bottles and the glitter glue. Plus the chocolate eggs, but let’s be honest: I would have bought them without Pinterest.

      Sigourney is a pretty interesting name. We’ll say it’s more of a nickname. Her real name is Sidrah. I changed it to protect her innocence. Or something.

  6. Best idea ever for using this as a time out tool! WHERE DO PEOPLE COME UP WITH THIS STUFF!

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