A House for Mouse

The anti-climactic journey of an invisible, squeaky office friend:

Act I

Yesterday, my coworker told us an enchanting story of a mouse that died behind her dishwasher.

Act II

I eat every work-related meal at my desk. And I snack. On rice cakes. And potato chips. And other crumbly foods, such as spaghetti.


Once upon a day-after-Thanksgiving when I was five months pregnant with Erma, there was a squirrel in our office. He came in through an opening in the ceiling. He ate my mixed nuts and hid in a plant. I did not handle the situation with grace.

Act IV

Post-dishwasher story, I heard some squeaking under my desk.

Act V

This morning, our office custodian approached me to ask me if I use a box under my desk to put my feet upon, because she noticed that a corner of the box is crumbling off and she was wondering if it was my feet or a mouse.


I am on a chair across the room my feet curled under me, trying to remember my mantra. My coworker is atop her desk. Our heroine custodian pulls open the box to reveal…

A pile of junk from 2010 that I had tucked away under there.

Now I have a new footrest.

And no mouse.

The squeaking was my shoe.

Kind of makes me think twice about continuing my snack-a-desk habits.

On the other hand, there wasn’t a mouse. And now that there’s no mouse, I’m kind of getting hungry. I’ll just eat the rest of these rice cakes and everything will be okay.

Check it. "What time is it?" "Cake time! For my BIRFDAY!" While the mice play under my desk, Erma turns FOUR today.


19 responses to “A House for Mouse

  1. I’ve convinced there’s a nest of mice living under the paint machines at the Big Orange Box. That and the birds flying around overhead makes me feel like Snow White (only with a nose).

  2. Happy Birfday, Erma!!

  3. Wow! Four! Happy Birthday, Erma!

  4. Gees where did the time go, I can’t believe Erma is 4 already! Although I was not at work today, in my mind I made her a birthday cake ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. We’ve just met…but Happy Birthday Erma!

  6. I don’t like mice ever since one jumped out of a cupboard onto me. Yuck! So I’m very glad you didn’t really have a mouse at your office!
    And Happy Birthday to Erma!

    • I was incredibly distraught when Ben told me that mice can climb things and that being on the chair did nothing for me. Where can you go to escape the mice???

      • There is no escape from the mice. But I did learn a nifty trick from one of my uncles if you ever get them in your house – they will not chew through steel wool, so if you stick that in the little tiny holes where the mice come through, you will no longer have mice. And, you won’t have to deal with dead mice from the traps ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. That one had me on the edge of my seat for sure! lol.

  8. workingmommawithababy

    This had me cracking up. Loved the format as much as the content. Your daughter looks so cute, by the way!

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