The Wish

Erma has been counting down her birthday for about 366 days. (It was a Leap Year. The torture was even more drawn out than it would otherwise be.)

Then! Finally! Erma turned four on March 28. Somehow or other, she ended up with not one but TWO birthday parties, a cupcake party at preschool and a friends party at the children’s museum. (I blame her parents for lack of organization.)

For the past, say 178 days or so, Erma has been continuously informing me of her birthday cake. It has been the same every, single day. And it all came to fruition (cakition?) today at her second party:

Chocolate cake with strawberry frosting, jungle theme with Scooby Doo surrounded by animals. Holding a flashlight. Check, check, check, check, check. I know an awesome cake decorator.

As her friends gathered around the table, a fairly large number of four-ish-year-olds were prepared for cake. Right. Now. CAKE.

That is when I realized that there were no matches. In any event, there is always one item to be completely forgotten. I even had a list (so organized!) with “matches” under the category of “supplies.” It was right above the last item on the list, which was “this list.”

One of the moms went to her car to see if she had matches (nobody carries them anymore? what are we, a healthy, body-respecting, Earth-loving, smoke-free, matchless society now?). She came back in with her car lighter. (I think. It could have been a spark plug. I don’t know anything about cars.)

Before the spark plug could be put to use, I turned around to four pink candles topped with orange flames on Erma’s cake. A fairy dragonfly must have waved a magic lighter, because nobody took the credit for it.

We sang that notorious, out-of-key birthday song and then it was time for Erma to make a wish and blow out the candles.

After the party, we carried home our leftovers (including four animal cups?? who didn’t get their animal cup craft?? I’m saving them…I know you want to keep them in your child’s Forever Box) and Granny and Papa stayed to play with the kids in the backyard for a better chunk of a 72-degree day.

I pulled Erma aside and posed a question that no person should ever ask a birthday girl. “What did you wish for, when you blew the candles out?” I asked softly into her ear.

She whispered back, “Scooby snacks.”

"Scooby snacks."

That’s my girl.

That’s my four-year-old girl.


22 responses to “The Wish

  1. That’s some fancy cake!

    Happy birthday to a precious little girl.

  2. Scooby Snacks? For her? Or for the dog? It looks like dog biscuits.

    Wish I could have been there!

  3. Who wouldn’t wish for some Scooby Snacks?

    If it makes you feel any better, there was no candle for the cake even at Adam’s birthday party.

  4. What an amazing cake!

  5. Oh my gosh! That cake is awesome! And I can see how much Erma loves Scooby Doo. My 2 year-old grandson is also a huge Scooby fan and after a 5 hour drive to our house, my daughter’s car is usually full of empty Scooby Snack bags!

    • That is hilarious! I did not know anybody else liked the Scooby Snacks. When the husband brought them home, I was practically speechless. They really look like dog treats. Somebody in Marketing really had their thinking cap on with that one.

  6. Happy birthday, Erma! That cake looks amazing — I particularly love the “Rappy birfday!” I love her dress, too. I need to go spring/summer dress shopping.

  7. How refreshing to think a four-year-old would actually wish for Scooby Snacks and not the latest 4G whatever!

    • I never thought about it. We are just NOT a cell phone family. I feel actually ashamed to say that, underscored by a small amount of pride, underscored by more shame. It’s a shame sandwich, if you will.

      We just have those emergency tracfone dealies. It’s embarrassing when someone says they can just text me and I have to say, “No, you can’t.” Or “Maybe you can, but I don’t know how.” Aaaah, the shame.

      Although I’m not even sure what 4G is. What’s 3G? Are there higher amounts of G’s? Can you have, like, a hundred Gs?

      I shall Google.

      • Maybe you can do a post on G’s! Frankly, I don’t know either. I spend my time thwarting Verizon’s efforts to upgrade my phone into the current century! I make a few calls and send a few texts and receive a few of each….40 minutes a month, tops, and I have 450 minutes available. It’s ridiculous.

  8. Aw love that photo of her hugging her scooby snacks! Hilarious post, as usual!

    • “Do you want to pick up those toys so we can start an art project?”
      *whine whine whine* “I don’t want toooooo.”
      “Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?”

      Mother of the Year!

  9. Aw, what a lucky girl! I bought Lola Scooby Doo fruit snacks once, and she called them Scooby Snacks. I thought it was cute, and then last week I saw those kind in your pic at the store! I’ll have to buy them when we run out of teddy grahams.
    That was outraeously uninteresting. And I realized it halfway through, but I just kept typing it anyway. lol.

    • We have the fruit snacks, too! Erma likes to sort them into piles according to color, then count each pile. It makes for a wonderful Math Moment. Thanks, Scooby Doo!

  10. I love love love the picture of E and Cinnamon Dog. How absolutely precious.

    • She’s actually saying, “No, Cinnamon-Dog. No. These are MY scooby snacks, NOT YOURS.” This is the true essence of their dog-to-preschooler relationship.

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