Sunday Matinee

Going to a movie at night is a date, an experience, an event. It’s Doing Something instead of staying home and Doing Nothing.

But going to a matinee is a whole ‘nother seven-dollar bushel of popcorn.

The credits roll at the end of the movie, the house lights come up, and you look around like you are waking from a dream. Your feet stick to the buttery floor as you trudge toward the exit. Everybody is filing in mass exodus toward the sun-lit doorways.

The movie, if it was a proper matinee experience, is still playing in bits in your mind, as you chat with fellow movie-goers (or just eavesdrop) about the characters, the plot, the casting choices.

Where's my car?

Then you enter the outside world. It is BRIGHT! There is SUN out there. I don’t think I’m in District 12 anymore. Did I park over there? No? Over there? Did anyone take note of where we parked? I entered this parking lot a movie ago; I can’t be expected to remember that now. It is really bright out here. They should give us sunglasses as a parting gift.

There really is nothing quite like a matinee movie.


This is how with it I am: I came out of the theater and ALMOST said OUT LOUD, "You know who would have played a good Haymitch? Woody Harrelson. He totally could have rocked that role."


As an end note, I thought the movie was better than the book. I don’t say that too often! I give Hunger Games the movie my Bathmat Seal of Approval.


27 responses to “Sunday Matinee

  1. I like your bathmat seal of approval. On a separate note, I, too, find it strange to come out of a movie and see that it’s not dark outside. Honestly, I don’t much care for it. Instead of leaving the movie, going somewhere(possibly home) and guiltily enjoying a snack(I tend to snack a lot), I now have to go home and make supper for picky eaters.

    • I think my Bathmat Seal of Approval should say Bathmat Seal of Approval instead of Lisa’s. I don’t want anyone to confuse Lisa with Liss. This matter obviously warrants a LOT more thought.

      Make tomato soup for dinner! Always!!!!

  2. I love matinees. I love having daytime left after a movie. I didn’t like the movie better than the book.

    • I kind of feel like I wasted a gorgeous day inside a movie theater. I believe I was in there for approximately 17 hours. Then I came out and there was daylight left! I feel like I won the lottery.*

      *Which I didn’t. Bummer.**

      **I didn’t even play the lottery. I probably*** would have won if I had bought a tickets.

      ***The odds are EVER in my favor.

  3. I will pass on the movie. The book was good enough for me.

    • I won’t hold you to the movie. You’ll be spending enough time watching Downton Abbey soon… : D

      Is there a movie theater downtown?

      • We have several multiplex theaters within a short walk. We have family members who occasionally come downtown for movie-going and free babysitting. Me? Never been. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Not that I haven’t mentioned it before, but I LOVE Woody Harrelson.
    I too always feel weird after an early movie (which, I don’t really get to go to movies anymore, so that’s neither here nor there.) I don’t reallly like it. I agree with the previous commenter that said it sucks to then have to DO things after.

  5. Who’s Lisa?

  6. I have not read the book, but the movie was ok. Everyone I know who has read the books all say “oh but the books are so much better!” You are the only person who didn’t like the books as much…. what made you like the movie more? Frankly, I just don’t like books/movies about a dystopian society that uses mind control and violence to oppress it’s population. So I don’t like the basic concept of the whole shabang. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I did like the book. I enjoyed it very much. But it transferred very well to the big screen, and they added in some things to the story that I felt enhanced it, such as showing more of the Gamemaker side. I was eager to see the costumes and the settings. I felt almost like the book was written in hopes of becoming a movie.

      Not a fun topic, that is true. But a good teen topic. Better than Twilight. *ducks*

  7. sixcompassionatedegrees

    I haven’t read the book but did watch the movie. I enjoyed it and thought it was pretty good. I liked Woody’s character a lot. I was given the impression beforehand that Katniss would be more conniving so that she’d survive but she didn’t seem that way at all to me. I wish there were more scenes concerning the sponsers, people reacting to the game (like cheering for certain people or not), and Katniss or Peeta purposefully going after & killing people. Their kills seemed defensive and not offensive. Even the last one they let the beasts do the maiming and then Katniss shot the boy out of compassion. I guess a heroine or hero have to be on a higher moral ground in order to root for them.

    • sixcompassionatedegrees

      hmm, wordpress is using a blog name I never actually used. this is Lea/Mooie Z

    • I would have liked more behind the games scenes as well.

      It seems like the character portrayed on the screen is pretty close to the book. I guess the author thought teens would not buy into a heroine with too much animosity built into her. It seemed too simplistic for an adult audience, and maybe for a teen audience, but it certainly made Katniss more likeable.

  8. We are seeing it this weekend… I can’t wait!!

    Btw, do you still want me to lend you the 2nd and 3rd books? I would be happy to!

    • If you can figure out how, that would be awesome. I finally added myself to the library waiting list. I think I’m #72, so I will get it eventually. I don’t want you to go to any trouble. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I loved the movie! I still like the book better, but I thought they did a fabulous job with the movie. I agree about the gamemaker scenes, but I thought they made Prim too weak. The whole thing with her being squeamish about the needle prick didn’t work for me at all.

    • It had been a while since I read the book. I guess I kind of remembered Prim as weak. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t show the Avoxes. I think they will in the second movie or whatever.

      • Prim is weak, but I thought they made her too weak. She has a lot of internal strength, and that comes out much more in the last two books, I think it showed more in the first book than they showed in the movie. And she’s the one who helps their mom with the healing stuff, so her squeamishness just didn’t sit right for me. But that was my one pretty minor complain about the movie. Overall, I loved it, and I’m glad they did such a good job with it and stayed so true to the book.

        I agree about the Avoxes. I hope we’ll see them!

  10. I think I’m the only person who still hasn’t watched this yet. I liked the books (well, the first two… not so much the third) and can’t wait to see this hopefully soon.

    • I don’t know. I have a hunch a lot of people haven’t watched it. I conducted a very scientific survey at work and arrived at the fact that nobody has seen. Nobody in the entire United States of Panem, at least.

  11. Mad respect for your seal of approval… but I don’t think I’ll watch the movie until I read the book… in fact, I’ll probably never see the film. It’ll ruin my mental image of the book. Great article.

    • I would have to say, to me, the book is usually tons better than the movie. There’s the imagination aspect and the thoroughness of a book that cannot be contained in a movie. But this book sort of feels like it was written to be a movie. It really worked. I mean, it was no Back to the Future (what is?), but it was a fine piece of cinema — just a nice, enjoyable piece of entertainment.

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