Keurig Coffee Review

We have a Keurig machine here at work, so I’ve had the golden opportunity to sample a lot of pod coffee. I like mine lukewarm to cold with a ton of artificial flavored creamer mixed in using the same stirrer that sits on my desk all week, collecting fake creamer gunk.

With that in mind, here is my review of various Keurig coffee pods:

  • Green Mountain Our Blend: Tastes like coffee.
  • Caribou Daybreak: Tastes like coffee.
  • Van Houtte Napoletano: Tastes like coffee.
  • Wolfgang Puck Breakfast in Bed: Tastes like coffee.
  • Starbucks Sumatra: Tastes like coffee.
  • Timothy’s Breakfast Blend: Tastes like coffee.
  • Gloria Jean’s Hazelnut: Tastes like coffee.
  • Tully’s French Roast: Tastes like coffee.
  • Folgers Caramel Drizzle: Tastes like coffee.
  • Green Mountain Double Black Diamond: Tastes like coffee.
  • Emeril’s Big Easy Bold: Tastes like coffee.
  • Donut House Coffee: Tastes like coffee.
  • Van Houtte Raspberry Chocolate Truffle: Tastes like coffee.
  • Gloria Jean’s Mudslide: Tastes like coffee.
  • Wolfgang Puck Jamaica Me Crazy: Tastes like coffee.
  • Timothy’s Original Donut: Tastes like coffee.
  • Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry: Nasty crap.

In unrelated news, here at my office, the special coffee of the day is Wild Mountain Blueberry. Mmm, nothing says Monday like wild blueberries in a cuppa joe. Won’t you try some?

Afterward, I’ll wash out your coffee mug with hand soap and a paper towel in the first floor bathroom. Yummy.


14 responses to “Keurig Coffee Review

  1. This is why I can’t bring my own mug to work. The sponges they have there are ridiculously filthy, so I end up washing it with handsoap and a paper towel, just like you said!

    • We actually have some Dawn dish soap that a coworker brought in, so I do bring that into the bathroom sometimes. When I remember.

      For some reason, I feel like it’s less gross to clean out my own mug than to see guests using and reusing the office mugs that I just washed in the bathroom. Icky.

  2. Here’s another one for the list:

    Safeway Select House Blend: Tastes like coffee

  3. So those “donut” ones don’t TASTE like donuts? Because if it tasted like a donut, I would TOTALLY drink coffee. As soon as I’m done nursing, I’m going to start mainlining coffee, just to get things done.

  4. One of the great advantages of new coffee machines is that they make a fresh cup of coffee, unlike those pots of coffee that sat cooking all day. As a result, “tastes like coffee” is much preferred to “tastes like battery acid.”

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