You Put a Pineapple Where?

You all know that I am new to WordPress. So far, so far, so far my favorite WordPress feature is the Search Engine Terms Stats. In layman’s terms, this is where you see what words people googled (or yahooed or binged) to arrive on your web page.

Sadly, the number one way that people find is by searching for “Haymitch.” I don’t think that’s really doing my blog justice. I mean, if has to be synonymous with a Hunger Games character, I would go with Caesar Flickerman. MAYBE Effie Trinket.

People also do a lot of searching for making glitter glue bottles. Who knew that was such a trend? Maybe I’m discouraging a lot of people from even trying when they see my disasters.

Next is line is a post I did about Erma getting her surprise Guess Who game from Burger King. People search that a lot. I guess they are looking for how to play, but I never divulged that super secret information, so people of the internet are probably disappointed in’s lack of information. (People of the internet: you just take turns guessing who the other player’s “person” is — “does your person have a hat?” “does your person have a smile?” “is your guy/man bald?” etc. Or make up your own rules. Or just throw the darn cardboard game replica away. That’s what I did. ;))

My favorite beyond favorites of search terms that brought an either incredibly creepy or incredibly awesome person to showed up yesterday, though. I bet the googler was disappointed in my pineapples.

WHY pineapple WHY?


13 responses to “You Put a Pineapple Where?

  1. You made me yelp out loud….CRAZY PEOPLE!!! YIKES!!!

  2. I also literally LOLd.

  3. Holy heck! Pineapple where!? But as sesame street has pointed out-pineapples are PRICKLY!!

  4. Ahahahahaha this is insane!
    It wasn’t me okay?

  5. This post absolutely made my day. So funny!

  6. ACK! That’s …I’m speechless.
    I had one the other day for “cakes and discipline” That made me laugh that someone searched those together. I wonder what scenario prompted that.

  7. workingmommawithababy

    Wow. That is hilarious. I bet you’ll never look at the word pineapples the same way ever again.

  8. Ok, I feel soooooooo left out. Where do I find Search Engine Terms Stats?

  9. Um, ok, I found it. I guess I’d seen it before and never really figured out what it was. Sorry. I’ll go sit in the corner.

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