Tastes Like Coffee

I arrived at work on Monday and there was some new junk on my desk:

No note attached. Could it be…?

  • A present? For moi?
  • A job assignment to make coffee in two fashions (pod and old-fashioned drip)? For moi?
  • A recyclable? For moi’s desk?
  • Have officially sickened myself over use of the word “moi.” Ich.

Thinking about regifting it to somebody else’s desk in the dead of night. Or just when they have stepped off to go to the bathroom. SURPRISE BIG PIECE OF JUNK ON YOUR DESK ENJOY.

In other news, I recently tried a new pod. It is called SUGAR BUSH MAPLE.

It tastes like coffee.


10 responses to “Tastes Like Coffee

  1. We have a coffee bar next to the company restaurant and their coffee is so darn good. It’s costing me an arm and a leg but I refuse to drink coffee from coffee making machines (the type they normally have in offices) as to call that stuff coffee is…an insult 🙂

    This little piece of machinery looks nifty.

  2. Just what I would have expected.

    If you’re looking to avoid that coffee taste, let me recommend any one of a number of sugar substitutes for your consideration.

  3. Maybe you need to do a combo of pod coffee + pod hot chocolate. Then it tastes like chocolate coffee.

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