The Bell Lady

"It's a picture of me and Sigourney. And she's sad because I am holding the bell."

There is a woman in our home who, through her shrill tones, creates instant tension in our house.

She is the dinner bell.

Everybody wants her, yet she belongs only to the balls inside her dress and the holes above her head.

Do you know how long it took me to recreate Erma's artwork? Seven seconds. Possibly less.

Then Sigourney ran out of the room sobbing hysterically and the bell lady was returned to her shelf. All was well again.


9 responses to “The Bell Lady

  1. The Bell Lady never created tears when she lived in OUR house! Maybe she wants to come home?

  2. That’s funny! My kids are constantly fighting over who gets whatever item is magical that day, the worst part is, they will often fight over something that’s NOT a toy at all!

  3. I ashamed to admit that I have those same purple and green socks as your daughter.

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