The Sound of Sleep

In my ever-quest toward mindfulness, deworrization, and anxiety relief, I decided that I what I need more than ANY OTHER THING is:

A sleep machine.

Actually, what i need more than ANY OTHER THING is sleep; a sleep machine seems like the answer to all that ails me with a side bonus of meditation and cure-all serenity.

Then you must ask the question: at what price? What is the value of sleep + serenity + silence of the mind?

The answer is one hundred dollars. That, my friend, will get you adaptive noise and volume control along with about a hundred (or ten) different sound + sleep noises.

We have listened to all the no-prescription-needed, scientifically-engineered sounds at this point; we are back to the regular ol’ floor fan. Personally, I liked the rain and the meditation music the best, but baby disagreed.


8 responses to “The Sound of Sleep

  1. Your pictures are terrific! πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah really, when will a water theme NOT sound like whizzing?
    I’m imagining that the train has the occasional whistle/horn.

    • Yep, the train has the horn and sometimes you hear the warning bells when it approaches a road crossing.

      The waterfall was the most distressing, though. I had multiple dreams about planes crashing. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

  3. We’ve used this in Naomi’s room since she was an infant: We actually found it at the back of Adam’s mom’s closet and used it at their house and found that it kept Naomi from waking up at other noises (us walking around the house or watching TV in the living room, etc.) It’s not fancy, it probably sounds the same as the fan on the floor actually, but it’s really helped her sleep (and thus – our sleep)

  4. You can always try out a few videos on YouTube and see if any of those will help out too.

  5. We are floor fan… uh, fans ourselves. We tried ocean sounds once and even static, but seems like a regular sound does the trick.

    • I really bought the sleep machine for myself. I wanted the meditation music, especially, and the rain sound. But is a fan of the floor fan. Hee. πŸ™‚

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