Twinkle Toes


This is the after picture from my pedicure. There is no before picture, because looking at feet is gross even under the best of circumstances.

It is a cold day in my office to be wearing open-toed shoes.

Last night I was the recipient of my first-ever pedicure. Now that I’m in the know (and possibly also in the cups) about pedicures, I figure the people of the internet could benefit from my extensive knowledge of the biz.

Toenail art cost me an extra five dollars. Apparently they told me before applying the toenail art that it would cost me five dollars. Apparently I then nodded. And that constitutes a verbal contract.

  1. Tell them you are nervous. This will inspire them to turn on the back massager. You will no longer be nervous and you just got a massage for $30/hour with a side of nail painting.
  2. Don’t shave your legs. I know, I know. Everybody told me to shave my legs prior to my pedicure, because the pedicure technician will see them. But you know what’s worse than somebody seeing hairy legs? Having moisturizer rubbed into razor burn.
  3. Learn Vietnamese. Not just the basic foot and leg-related words, but also the subtle nuances of the language, especially in relation to nail polish art. (This may just be for the nail shop I went to, but really, would it hurt to just learn Vietnamese for any and all situations that may arise in the future, whether toes are part of them or not?)
  4. Carry a pair of flip flops on your person so that you won’t ruin your newly done toenails. This may be totally obvious to everybody in the world except for me. I had my husband bring to my work my only open-toed shoes. They are pink flip flops. They nicely complemented my purple dress, razor-burned legs, and red twinkle toes.
  5. Bring cash for your tip. There is no tip spot on the credit card receipt. Even McDonalds has a tip spot on their credit card receipts. But not the nail salon. So bring cash, or simply, don’t tip and never go back again. I always think that a genuine, from-the-heart “thank you,” works in place of a tip at any time.

While I was at Payless acquiring my new open-toed shoes to show off my nail art, I also picked up some new Jackie Os. Now, you probably thought you were looking at a picture of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, but the truth is, it’s just your old friend sillyliss. The differences between Jackie O and sillyliss are negligible.

Disclaimer: no foot bottoms were shaved, tickled, or over-pumiced in the making of this pedicure, or in the making of this post. However, you may have just agreed to pay me an undisclosed dollar amount in exchange for the opportunity to learn more about pedicures. You are welcome.


28 responses to “Twinkle Toes

  1. Cute! Glad it went well except for the razor burn. Had I known you were going to shave DRY I would not have suggested shaving. 🙂 I love the art on your big toe too, super cute. Maybe I can sneak in a pedicure before our Florida trip…hmm…

  2. So, did you LOVE it? Did you get the foot massage? Was it heaven? And what was the occasion?

    • It was lovely being pampered. The foot part of the massage was great. The leg part would have been if I hadn’t just shaved dry. No occasion except that Lindsay wanted to get one and asked me along.

  3. So, what exactly did they DO to your feet? I am curious. I have troublesome toenails that like to grow into the sides of my toes & I am wondering if some pedicurist would know what to do about this. Or do they just paint? Sand? Did they give your cuticles a once-over? SPILL, girlie!

    • They clip the toenails. They wash your feet in a bubble spa thingy of water. They did the cuticles. They pumiced, but not too much. Then they painted the toes with several coats of the nail polish I selected. Then they dried.

      I was checking out other peoples’ feet while I was in the chair and a lot of them were even grosser than mine, so I wouldn’t be afraid of them fixing up any old pair of feet if I owned them.

      • That sounds really nice. I have one of those pedi-eggs, but I always think to use it when I get out of the shower when you are not supposed to use it when your feet are wet. arg. I should find someone who would go with me.

    • Catherine, if you toenails do that it sounds like you are over trimming them. I have a tendency to trim my big toe nail to follow the curve of my toe but then when the nail grows in it grows in to the sides of my toe. I recently learned it was because of how I was trimming the nail. I should only trim it straight across and not too low to avoid it ingrowing.

      Someone told me a tip to prevent them from ingrowing if I’ve over trimmed. Once there is enough length use nail clippers to put a small v shaped cut in the nail near the side. It will supposedly give the nail room to move inward as it grows rather than growing in to your skin. Haven’t tried that myself though. But since I stopped overtrimming my nails I haven’t had a problem any more. 🙂 I hope this is helpful for you.

  4. My feet are too ticklish for pedicures. The only time I had one, I think I kicked the woman who was doing it, which made it necessary for me to give her a generous tip!

  5. I got a pedicure once and wanted to use my debit card (on which I would have left a tip), but then they told me to write a check instead. I was peeved and didn’t leave a tip because of that. Then the lady looked hurt. I almost felt bad. Almost.

    • Did you ask up front what they accept? I can’t even find places that will accept checks anymore. This place didn’t (I don’t think). There was an ATM across the mall. Hint hint nudge nudge. I don’t know my ATM code, though…

      • I didn’t think I’d have to – they had the MasterCard/Visa sign up. She made a “suggestion” that I write a check so that it would cost them less money. I was insulted because (at that time) I got rewards for using my debit card. So I kept the tip.

  6. I really wanted to get a pedicure yesterday too but ran out of time and had to go pick the Cub up from babysitting.. 😦 no mee time.

  7. My daughter wants to have pedicure like yours. 😉

  8. I had a pedicure once but my feet are very sensitive and I found it to be quite uncomfortable, especially the massage part. I would like to go back in to have the toenails done. I wonder if they’d just do that part and leave the rest of my feet alone?

    • I always thought my feet were very sensitive, but now that I’ve been through a pedicure, I guess they are not. Though if they would have spent a lot of time on my pinky toe, that would have been too squiggy for me. Pinky toes should be left alone.

  9. I LOVE pedicures, but you’re right about cash tips and stealthy nail art costing extra. The first time I had a pedicure done I wore running shoes. And that ruined it. The end. 😦
    Awesome! Nice shades btw!

  10. Love it! I have pedicures once in a while and yes, everything they offer is a big “no” from me because nothing is ever free! But hey, that is one stylin’ toe though.

  11. workingmommawithababy

    The cuticle thing kills me every time haha but it’s so much fun to do! Loved your tips. Laughed the whole time reading. 🙂 I think I may need to go get one…mother’s day present to self, right?

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