Marathon Training: Days 1-3

On Monday, I had the bright idea to sign up for the Fargo Marathon. I checked it with Erma (who is four, and therefore will say yes to anything she does not comprehend except foreign vegetables). Marathon, right? How hard could it be?

Yes, I’m a tad out of shape. That is a GREAT reason to run a marathon. Better than the 30-day slash, which I just ordered from a website the size of a rainforest.

Yes, the marathon is next week. If a fast approaching deadline is not motivation, I don’t know what is.

Yes, my daughter is addicted to her dad and wants nothing to do with me almost 100% of the time. I figure a little quality marathon time with her mother will fix everything right up.


On Monday, Erma and I started our training regimen. We ran all the way to the garbage can. That’s at least six houses, maybe seven. We ran almost all the way back. I collapsed in the grass and thought about the symptoms of a heart attack and if I was having one or not.

“Run, Mom, run!”


Tuesday, it was raining. Instead of running outside, we went down to the basement. We ran around the basement twenty times (the way that Erma counts) or seven times (the way that I count). My sides were hurting something fierce, so afterward we took a break to engage in more sedentary activities such as TV watching, block building, and dessert eating.


Don’t worry. We’ve got this. … Naptime.

Today. Day off from training. We’ve got until next Thursday before it’s showtime, and frankly, I had just eaten a bowl of ice cream before coming home from work.

Starting to lose the momentum for this whole running thing. Also, wondering about marathon attire. Like…can I wear sweat pants? I am wearing sweat pants right now, because of the fullness from the ice cream. They are purple. (The sweat pants. Not the ice cream. It was green.)

There is no refund for cancelling out of the race. So we move forward and hope that the race does not kill us, but only makes us stronger. Or at least doesn’t kill us.


20 responses to “Marathon Training: Days 1-3

  1. That’s why I signed up for a 3 mile walk. No refunds and I cannot buy donations. Oh well, it is for a good cause. My next will be a cheap entrance fee for sure.

    • Three miles!?! You must be some kind of exercise sadist. That’s like six times as long as our race.

      • Oh the three miles is the easy part. This is one of those fundraising minimum things. Plus some friends and I are going to “celebrate” afterwards. That is my incentive.

  2. Someday you’ll tell me what this whole marathon thing is about. News to me! In any event, keep on keepin’ on. 🙂

  3. It looks like Erma makes a great training companion! I’m sure she’ll get you in shape for the marathon. Good luck!

  4. Wow, are you really going to do a marathon?? Yipes. I just started going to the gym again. Hope to work up to a 5k again at some point.

  5. I’m so impressed!
    I can run from my chair to the fridge for another beer and damn near make it to the bathroom before the commercial is done. But don’t be envious. I’ve been training for years.
    (Super funny, damn near cosmic, that you happened to be in North Dakota today.)

    • It does feel somewhat cosmic that I was in North Dakota today. And every day really. Tampa girls don’t ordinarily end up in North Dakota. But happened to me.

  6. Yeah!! Good on you for getting started. I’m doing my Color Run 5k on Mother’s Day, so I’m on track to keep my New Years Resolution for half of the year! (It was to do a 5k every odd month for the year – next year I’m planning to up the ante to one every month!) You will have fun – Soapfi goes with me to some of the 5k’s and rides in the stroller/walks part of the way. A 1/2 mile will be over before you know it – have fun on your training walks this coming week!

    • Wow, running on Mother’s Day is seriously impressive. Running with a stroller is even crazier. Walking with a stroller is tough enough. Seriously, could I lead a more sedentary lifestyle?

  7. Yeah, good luck with this! My 10-week training program for my 5K became a one-week cram session for what was to be a ‘2-block run followed by a 4 1/2 K leisurely walk’ that took 52 minutes. It was a lovely way to pass a pretty, but chilly spring morning w/my friend and my son, actually! But the training was stupid, and I’m back to whiling away my mornings working on my laptop, coffee in hand, still in my pjs till noon.

    • I wonder if I could walk for an hour straight. I suppose I have done it before, when I visited my parents in Portland (boy, those old people can really walk up a storm!), but not without a lot of kvetching.

      I wish I was in my pajamas right now. All clothes should be pajamas. Non-pajama clothes should be outlawed.

  8. I hit like by the end of day one. I want to do a marathon too, not because I like running but just because. I don’t know if I will though. Perhaps when the kids get older…we should do one together! Hahaha. But I’d say: do it. Even if you walk the whole way. Check!

    • That’s me, too. I just want to say I ran a marathon. Even if it’s not technically a marathon. And who knows, maybe I will find my new niche? If not, at least it was another experience for this lifetime, since I won’t be doing anything “insane” like bungee jumping or skydiving or flying as a passenger on a commercial airline.

      • YES! Hahahahahaha! I love that! I will also *not* be flying as a passenger on a commercial airplane. I’d rather drive cross-country (of course, logic says I’d take the train) than fly. Passsssss.

  9. Ooooh, good luck! I can’t run myself either. I can run probably three blocks before wanting to go home and drink a whole bottle of water.

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