Marathon Training: Day 4

Fourth day of training. One week from today I’ll be leaving those other racers in my dust. Take that, four-year-olds-and-under runners!

Today’s goal was to concentrate on water intake.

Here is my very interesting tabulation:

Coffee consumed: 1 cup

Water consumed: 4-and-a-half half-bottles plus whatever I happened to down with daily meds

Gum consumed: 3 pieces, two of which were totally gnarly

Bathroom trips: 6 (so far — the night is still young)

The statistics plainly show that I am in TOP SHAPE for running a marathon.

Also, for dinner, we ate massive amounts of cow. Yay protein! At least, I think protein is good. After reading about it on wikipedia, I kind of just want to take a nap.

Now I have to go, because the room is dark and one of the many (many many many many) moths that has entered our house through SCREENLESS WINDOWS is attacking me and my marathon training blog post. Assuredly, there is a brief cardio workout in my future while I FREAK OUT.

Tomorrow: marathons I wish I was running instead of this one.


5 responses to “Marathon Training: Day 4

  1. You should have screens made. Really.

  2. Sounds like preparations are well in hand!

    And just think how good this training is for the next step: the triathlon.

  3. Ick! Hate moths! Love your training regimen though. I’m inspired to try it (minus the actual run). And maybe skipping over the gnarly gum part.

  4. I hate moths. I mash them with my hand, that’s how much I hate them. Although, I have seen some HUGE ones that I just quiver in fear and run away from.

  5. Ew, moths. I’m a bug scardy cat and I will flip my hands and shriek if I see any kind of bug. Except ants; ants are harmless lol.

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