Marathon Training: Day 5

What a workout today!

This might only make sense to three people on the planet, but today I went from Old Main to the Student Union building TWICE in a row*, and one way with a heavy, feverish toddler in my arms (and her blanket and her jacket and her artwork and her report card).

All the training I’ve been doing up until now clearly must be working, because I didn’t die. (Although I did take a nap as soon as I got home.)

The baby tylenol and animal crackers combination will cure what ails you.

Marathons I Would Rather Be Participating In:

  • Seinfeld reruns, all nine seasons, in chronological order
  • Karaoke night, singing Bruce Springsteen’s tribute to marathons
  • …Or maybe REO Speedwagon’s…
  • …Or maybe that song nobody remembers by A Flock of Seagulls…
  • The Tampa to St. Pete Howard Frankenstein Bridge rush hour rat race in my 1988 Toyota Camry “Silver Beauty”
  • Dustin Hoffman movie marathon, beginning and ending with Marathon Man, even though I dislike that movie more than his others
  • Ten-day tour of the Greek city from which first marathon runner died
  • A nap marathon

* Daycare called because she had low energy and was running a fever, so I went to retrieve her but she was taking a nap. They said they would call my office when she woke up. Which of course happened the moment I walked back into my office.


4 responses to “Marathon Training: Day 5

  1. Looking at the photo, I can’t tell which one is ailing! Here’s to a speedy recovery and no sharing!

  2. Hope everyone is feeling better now!

  3. I hope she feels better quickly. Nothing’s more tiring than an ailing child.

  4. Hope your little girl is feeling better. Sounds like you two need your own nap marathon!

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