Marathon Training: T-2 Days to Go

This afternoon, Erma and I showed our feet who are boss. We stepped up (ha ha, get it?!?) our training from, well, nothing to two miles.

I coaxed her into a walk from our house to the convenience store, with the promise of ice cream at the turnaround point. (There’s no ice cream like gas station ice cream, am I right?)

I hadn’t quite worked out in my head that the convenience store was not so convenient. Fortunately, we were taking our time, thanks in great part to the fascinating critters along the roadside known as ants. We paused at every ant hill to do a complete housing inspection and also to help wayward ants find their ways home.

Another thing I did not consider when I plunged into a two-mile jaunt is that the convenience store road at rush hour is brimming with speedy, somewhat reckless vehicles.

Not my best idea, I can admit that now that I am home and we are all safe and alive and stuff.

Finally, and possibly the least thought-out part of my plan, is that I have blistered my feet with the unaccustomed behavior of using them over and over again without stop. I am wimpy, I know it, but my feet hurt. Ow ow ow ow ow.

I wonder if you can ride a Segway through the marathon? I mean, if my feet don’t heal up by Thursday evening. Otherwise, do you think the children might consider parading me down the road on a chair, bar-mitzvah style?

All in all, the marathon training is coming along nicely.


10 responses to “Marathon Training: T-2 Days to Go

  1. I know you had a butterfly farm, but have you had an ant farm? Sounds like you need one – except then we might have to have a birthday part with theme of ants. Hmm.

  2. According to the people at REI (yeah, I may need an intervention…after the sale), stay away from cotton socks. I got schooled in the virtues of wool, but you know 14.95 for socks is just too much. I’d stick with anything synthetic and blister patches. Wicking is your friend.

  3. I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Will there be a full report on Friday?

  4. I earned myself a blister at the zoo the other day. 😦 Terrible things those blisters are. Yuck. Speedy healing!

  5. So I’ve been out of the loop lately, but are you guys seriously doing a WHOLE marathon?

  6. Hope your feet heal up fast! At least you got some ice cream, and I agree—nothing like the gas station kind 🙂

  7. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend a product called Body Glide if you plan to do any serious walking. The stuff is incredible for avoiding blisters and hot spots on your feet. That said, have a great time with your marathon and steer clear of the ant hills!

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