Marathon Eve

Some might ask if I engage in lunacy simply so I have something to talk about on my blog. In fact, it is my blog that inspires me to engage in anything at all.

Perhaps that is total gibberish, but the panic of race day is starting to set in.

Tonight at Classics Book Club, I found out that more than half of the book club members are participating in the Marathon. They are doing the 5k or the 10k or the 26.2K or the 500k. None of them are running the 0.8k. The shame, the humility, the indignity! Book smart and athletic? That’s not fair, your honor.

This is going to make the sweat, bile, and chest pains that accompany my half a mile jaunt with a bunch of tots seem even more pathetic.

Tonight Erma and I did some stretching exercise under the willow tree. This is the last night of training. It is a bittersweet ending to our special time together.

The best stretching is done by climbing trees. This is what my daughter has taught me.

Tomorrow, if we make it to the end of the race, I have heard a rumor that there might be a frozen banana treat waiting at the finish line. And that will make all of this worth it.


4 responses to “Marathon Eve

  1. Good luck!! You can do it!

  2. The race is tomorrow? Why is it on Thursday? Good luck!!! You will be great!

  3. Happy Marathon Running!!!
    As far as having your blog inspire you, GOOD! Take anything you can get that can inspire you to do things you otherwise wouldn’t. Like my cooking. 😀 I’m proud of you Sillyliss!! Goooooo team!

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