The Race Is Over

The Beginning

In the beginning, we met three excited kids from Erma’s preschool in the gymnasium, along with about five gazillion other kids whose emotions ranged from bored to happy to sad to overly enthusiastic.

“When are we going to run?”

“Why aren’t we running yet?”

“I want to run!!!!!”

The Middle

Ten seconds into the race, Erma splatted terrifically onto the tar. She shouted, “I want my Dada! I don’t want you! I don’t like you! I want Dada!”

I told her that she was okay, that she could either keep running/walking or we could just go home. She opted to keep running and also to keep slapping me with witty retorts such as, “I don’t want to be near you. I want Dada to be here.”

I was the only mom who was yelling at her kid in the middle of the race.

At the finish line, we were surprised to find out her teacher was in the crowd, cheering Erma on. She got high fives from strangers and people called out, “Good job, runner! Good job!” I am pretty sure I caught her smiling at least twice.

The End

Then Erma got her medal. Then she got a frozen banana courtesy of Olivia H.’s mom. Then she hugged her teacher.

Then we came home and investigated her wound.

And then she had some ice cream.

Tomorrow, for sure, I will hear about how great the race was, even if it didn’t seem like it at the time.

We did it! I wasn’t sure if we could do it. But we did! Next year, maybe we will even smile at EACH OTHER during the race. That would really be something!

I am proud of my 565. She ran a marathon!


15 responses to “The Race Is Over

  1. These images are SO adorable! I have a feisty one too LOL!

  2. Nice pics! Congrats you two! Success!

  3. Yeah!! It will be a wonderful tradition, just like me & Soapfi doing the St. Patty’s Day Dash. Congrats on getting through the first one, it will lead to wanting to do others, at least it sure did for me!

  4. Well done to you both – great story and great pics!

  5. Well done, both of you! What a team! And such a brave girl to carry on despite the boo boo on her knee. Nice work, mom!

  6. Congrats Liss. Well done. I take it your blistered foot held up?
    So were you yelling “I don’t like you more!” along the way?

  7. Argh it drives me nuts when they don’t like us anymore. Yeah, well I don’t like you either. But I’m not supposed to say it, it may hurt your development. Or self esteem or something. Brat.
    Congats!!! Marathon! Wooooo!!!!!!!

  8. Congrats! I love the pouty lip at the end . . . life is so hard when you’re that age, eh?

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  10. i’ve said it before…and I’ve say it again… your kids are TOO adorable! 😀

  11. Those photos are priceless! I encounter a lot of kids where I work and it is funny how they just say what is on their mind even if it is inappropriate. It makes me laugh, which often makes the kid mad. But I also want to nominate you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. If you check out the latest post on russell5087 you will see the picture saying “Beautiful Blogger”. The idea here (and I hope it isn’t some stupid scam of some sort), is to pass along the nomination to seven bloggers you like. You post your nominations, thanking the blogger who nominated you by giving their link, and then listing your nominations, then you contact those bloggers (just like I am doing now), and tell them you have nominated them. And tell them how to pass this thing along, as I am doing. (In fact, you might want to just copy what I have written and pass it along to save time.) You also need to copy the ‘logo’ or picture of Beautiful Blogger on your post, like I did. I guess the idea is to make more people aware of your blog and the blogs that you like, and hopefully generate more traffic and more likes. We all like knowing we are being read, right? So, do whatever…I don’t know if anybody ever actually wins this thing or what that means or where this thing began. But so long as nobody asks for money I am fine with it. I like acknowledging blogs I like and I like yours. You are such an honest down to earth person, and I have enjoyed your support over these past few months. You deserve some acknowledgement!

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