Venus Over Fargo


Do I hear 13, 13, 13, do I hear 14, 14, 14? Sold to the man in the purple hat for 14. Next up…

The sun beat down on the auction in our backyard this afternoon, and while spectators were bidding on lawnmowers and artificial Christmas trees, my husband Flathead — who is a bit of a handygenius, if you don’t mind me saying so — invented a Venus-in-transit viewer sculpted out of a welding helmet and a telescope.


Erma and I are *pretty sure* we saw a black dot at the bottom of the green fireball. Even if we didn’t, we can say we were out there, looking up at the sky through a welder’s helmet.


Sigourney will have to wait another hundred and five years to catch Venus in transit, because she was more intrigued with the broken parts of our screen door (and how she could make further “improvements” to it) than with a celestial phenomenon.


Ben’s picture of the sun as Venus flew by. Not visible: Venus.


11 responses to “Venus Over Fargo

  1. Auction? I get the venus thing, but the auction?

    • Obviously, the neighbor who owns the sheds behind our house chose Tuesday at 4 p.m. to begin his tractor-and-other-junk auction. It’s quite a scene over there.

  2. The photo of the sun is incredible!

    Wait, I think I see Venus — on second thought, it’s time to clean the display…

  3. Very fun! I hope there are some other solar crossings of one sort or another slated for the next few decades so you can pull this invention out again. Or maybe use it for welding tricky high spots without getting cricks in your neck… Whatever, I smell “patent-pending.”

    • Ha, if only my husband had this idea a few days prior to transit. He could have bought up all the welding helmets and telescopes in town and we’d be rich right now. Rich I say!

  4. Now that’s just awesome!!!!

  5. I just watched the live stream on Nasa’s website and called it a day 🙂

  6. I swear I read wedding helmet and I thought “….”. Obviously now I get it.
    You look like mom Vader! Is Darth hiding in the shed?

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