Wacky Wednesday

An annual tradition at our childcare center is the silly sack lunch. Parents bring bag lunches and the kids decorate their own silly sacks, then we all eat together in joyful harmony, that always always always ends in masses of children crying as the parents depart.

Last year, the school went all out with Wacky Wednesday. The teachers dressed wacky. The kids dressed wacky. Therefore, I dressed wacky.

Last year.

This year, there was no mention of dressing wacky. Therefore, I did not dress the children wacky and I did not dress myself wacky.

Flathead reported at child dropoff that several children were dressed wacky, and that their teacher wondered how I would top last year’s wackiness as The Only Parent Who Plays Along.

—> Bit of a freakout while I roamed the office in search of wacky stuff. Paperclip earrings? Ouch. Tote bag hood? Looked a bit too KKK for my liking. Something with cups, something with cups…

Finally, I reinvented myself and walked across campus wearing a taped-on marker mustache. It was a hit, the mustache with the children. The only downside was the Sharpie fumes flowing directly into my nostrils, but maybe that only made me wackier.

Sadly, the mustache was disintegrated by a certain toddler on the car ride home, so no pictures are available.

The children, by the by, didn’t have to dress in any special way. Wacky is the norm for them.

Who you callin’ wacky?


4 responses to “Wacky Wednesday

  1. I don’t think the kids decorated their silly sacks either. They were just brown paper bags.

  2. You post has given me the sudden urge to go out and buy a Viking hat — oh, and sniff markers.

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