Hot Nipples

The whistle blew on the teapot. “What are you making?” I inquired, which one might think is a funny thing to ask about a teapot.

“Boiling some nipples,” said Flathead. (That’s right. Sigourney is a bottle addict. She drinks from a sippy cup at school, a regular glass at dinner, but she has to have that bottle to go to sleep. So sue me.)

Erma perked right up. “Nipples? I want to see the nipples!”

“They’re in the teapot,” I told her.

“Daddy! When can I see the nipples?”

“They’re hot,” I told Erma. “They have to stay in the teapot.”

Whining: “I want to see some hot nipples.”

Looking back, Erma has long been fascinated with nipples:


7 responses to “Hot Nipples

  1. That’s hilarious! So cute.

  2. omg, you’re killing me. Your daughters are hilarious. Also, I hope this blog post is around in 20 years so you and E can look back on these hilarious times together. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ha! So very adorable Sillyliss. And my oldest daughter drank out of a bottle until she was well over 3. She finally left it in the dolphin stroller at an amusement park so I told her they would mail it to us. She’d have to be patient until it came in the mail. It worked. She’s 31 now and we’re still waiting for the bottle! ๐Ÿ˜€

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