The Ambassador’s Lovely Lunch in North Dakota

When you think of North Dakota, what do you think of?

  • Prairie lands torn down to make room for sugar beet crops?
  • Oil fields littered with urine bottles?
  • Bison but never buffalo?
  • Guns, God, and Jello with fruit in it?
  • Meat, lots of meat: brats, Boston butt, pork feet, cubed lamb, knuckle meat, beef heart, skin on pork belly, freezer full of cow (approximately $500)?

The Ambassador of the Delegation of the European Union decided to check out North Dakota by way of my place o’ employment: one land-grant university institution located in a medium-sized city known for its woodchippers and potato chippers.

My Dear Coworker (that’s her real name) was delegated The Ambassador Luncheon. She contacted several VIPs for this luncheon who, apropos of nothing, made special dietary requests regarding the luncheon.

“Something light.”

“Maybe like a salad.”

“Not a spicy salad. Just a regular salad.”

I hope the Ambassador enjoyed his bed of leafy greens, and that he now knows what North Dakota is all about: SALAD.


The secret to a North Dakota salad is…

Ken’s salad dressing. Made in Massachusetts.


9 responses to “The Ambassador’s Lovely Lunch in North Dakota

  1. You forgot hot dish on the list of things you think of when you hear “North Dakota”. And calling lunch “dinner” and dinner “supper”. And the Chicken Hut in Rolla. The Chicken Hut rules. They give you a piece of garlic bread with your order, no matter what it is. Burger and fries? Garlic bread. Two piece fried chicken? Garlic bread.

    • I have never been to the Chicken Hut in Rolla. I have never even been to Rolette County. For shame, for shame. If you get back to North Dakota and go to Chicken Hut, I’ll go with. Y’betcha.

      (I think I’m about to get thrown out of the state now.)

  2. When I think of North Dakota, I think of you and your family freezing your arses off in snow. 😉 It never occurred to me to think of salad.

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  4. Hahahahaha! This is funny! I know little to nothing about everything outside of Ontario, but I enjoyed this. Salad. What an odd meal for guests.

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