Snowball Sandwich: The Other White Meat

While The Ambassador was enjoying his taste of North Dakota via the state food of the Cobb salad, our office put up our Zen sign and went out to lunch. To a real restaurant serving real North Dakota grub.

Or so we thought.

When you find a restaurant housed in a quonset, set along the train tracks (with picnic table accommodations by the gravel pit), you know that you have finally found a place that knows how to make a hot beef sandwich. Or do you??!?!

Imagine My Dear Coworkers’ (that’s their real names) surprise when the Hot Beef Sandwiches we ordered for lunch came out looking like a snow-covered snowball with twig rabbit ears sticking out of it. (Actually, you don’t have to imagine. I did you the honor of snapping her photo, which My Dear Coworker does not know is now on the internet. Cheers to her; she is awesome.)

“What is THAT?”

After eating the pretzel breadsticks off the alien head, we took one bite of the Garden Pavilion’s Hot Beef Sandwich Drenched in Parmesan Gravy, and we knew we were truly in, as the restaurant advertised on its “please seat yourself” sign, The Garden of Eatin’.

Oh my word was that snowball yummy. And filling. Not the kind of satiated feeling you get from eating a North Dakota staple food like salad, mind you, but so scrumptious and fattening that we all took naps under our desks for the remainder of the afternoon.

I see they have alligator bites on their menu, and since that is an Upper Midwest delicacy, I will have to sample those next time I’m at the Pavilion. I think I’ll take my alligator bites to the train track picnic table and enjoy the nomtastic view.

A typical scene in North Dakota.


6 responses to “Snowball Sandwich: The Other White Meat

  1. I clearly know nothing about north dakota. time for a visit!

    • It’s kind of like Minnesota, but totally different.

      Two words for you: road trip. Three more words: I like ice cream. Wait, that’s four words. But ice cream is kind of a compound word, so I think I’m not wrong, factually speaking.

  2. Your colleague’s face is really funny! Well not her face, that sounds bad, I mean her expression!

  3. Holy crap! Want! I take back everything I ever said about North Dakota.

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