The Combover

My petite hair stylist has advanced from fixing up her own ‘do to making her sister sparkle and shine.

So it begins.


It might be a little knottier than it was before, but it’s really starting to LOOK like something.


Voila! Erma is like a new preschooler!



14 responses to “The Combover

  1. Those two darling children are gorgeous with any hairstyle.

    I remember when you fixed up a pretty do on your mother. Lots and lots of barrettes. And you insisted I keep them in while we went out shopping. Some things you never forget.

  2. I think we’re seeing a preview of the styles for 2013!

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  4. I hate to say this as it’s such a cliche but – haven’t they grown?!! Gawd, when I was still on LJ, the littlest had only just been born.

  5. How awesome! Are those clips in her hair?

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